Ikeji Arondizuogu 2023: Omereihedike Masquerade Thrills Audience At Orie Egbugbu Day

The Ikeji Arondizuogu festival was alive with vibrant colors, music, and the smell of delicious food. Crowds of people were gathered around the village square, watching as dancers and performers from different towns showcased their talents. As the sun began to set, the sound of drums filled the air, and a hush fell over the … Read more

Ikeji Arondizuogu 2023: Arondizuogu Youth President Calls For Peace And Unity Amidst The Celebration

As the annual Ikeji festival approaches in the town of Arondizuogu, tensions run high among the youth in the community. In an effort to promote peace and unity, the Arondizuogu Youth President has issued a statement through Aro Okeigbo Blog, calling for an end to all forms of violence and the promotion of peaceful coexistence … Read more

Igbo Amaka: Arondizuogu Begins 2023 Yam Festival (Iri Ji)

Arondizuogu, a small town located in the eastern part of Nigeria, is known for its vibrant culture and traditions. Today marks the beginning of their much-anticipated annual yam festival, a celebration that brings together the people of the town and beyond. The festival began with a procession of colorful masquerades, accompanied by the rhythmic beat … Read more

“Aro Kwenu” Igbo Amaka – Atani Mmawuru Great Elephant Steps Out In Ikeji Aro, Goes Home With 1st Runner Up

Once upon a time, in the small town of Atani, the people had been eagerly preparing for the upcoming Ikeji festival. This was a festival of great importance to them, as it was a time to celebrate Aro great culture, traditions, and their people. As the day of the festival drew near, the villagers of … Read more

Arochukwu Yam Festival: Approved Ikeji Calendar 2022

The Ikeji of the Arochukwu Kingdom is an exceptional period when the indigens of Arochukwu are supposed to notice severe adherence to morals, standards, customs and traditions of the Arochukwu Kingdom. During this period, neither burial nor grieving gatherings are permitted. No form of violence and brutality is tolerated, civil disobedience; public fights are completely … Read more

The Fall Of Arochukwu

The Rise Of Aro The Aro Confederacy (1690–1902) was a political union orchestrated by the Aro people, Igbo subgroup, centered in Arochukwu in present-day southeastern Nigeria. Their influence and presence was all over Eastern Nigeria, lower Middle Belt, and parts of present-day Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Arochukwu Kingdom … Read more