Brief History Of Isu Community

Winding it’s way through the highlands at Isu, the Njaba River makes it’s way in a snake-like meander through Amucha, Ekwe, Okwudor, Awo-Omama, Izombe and ultimately empties into the Oguta lake… the silty river has it’s origin in the IsuNjaba a town in Isu local government, it’s an abundant source of native chalk and the … Read more

Brief History Of Arondizuogu Of Arochukwu

Arondizuogu was founded by the use of force by Mazi Izuogu Mgbokpo and his brothers (Iheme) in the mid-14th century. Izuogu Mgbokpo was a charismatic slave merchant who came from Arochukwu to Ọka in search of slaves. He was usually harbored by a friend from Umualaoma where he slept when going in search of slaves … Read more

Brief History Of Dr. Uko Akpan (1927 – 2020l

DID YOU KNOW DR. UKO AKPAN (1927 – 2020)? PART ONE 1. That he was Akwa Ibom’s Foremost Cultural Musician?  2. That he was Annang’s Foremost Cultural Musician?  3. That he was Abak’s Foremost Cultural Musician?  4. That his father was a leader of cultural plays in Ikot Obong, Afaha Obong, Abak?  5. That he … Read more

HISTORY: The Story Of Attah Ameh Oboni – the Nigerian King who Chose Suicide Instead of Bowing to the Queen of England.

  HISTORY: The Story Of Attah Ameh Oboni – the Nigerian King who Chose Suicide Instead of Bowing to the Queen of England. Attah Ameh Oboni was a revered Igala King. At a particular meeting held in Kaduna which consisted of all paramount traditional rulers in Nigeria and which had the queen of England in … Read more

Arochukwu Yam Festival: Approved Ikeji Calendar 2022

The Ikeji of the Arochukwu Kingdom is an exceptional period when the indigens of Arochukwu are supposed to notice severe adherence to morals, standards, customs and traditions of the Arochukwu Kingdom. During this period, neither burial nor grieving gatherings are permitted. No form of violence and brutality is tolerated, civil disobedience; public fights are completely … Read more

Arochukwu 19 Villages And Their Nick Names

Omu Arochukwu Picture  It is obvious that Arochukwu Kingdom is make up of 19 different villages in the kingdom, it may also interest you to know that these 19 villages also has another name or nick name that can be used in placement of the original name. Moreover we have gotten several request to publish … Read more

The Traditional Governance Of Ututu Community In Arochukwu Local Government

By Nnadozie Victor In order to survive, men must form and organize themselves into groups and subgroups. And in order to keep the group functioning and progressing, men must learn to co-operate. They must try to avoid violent, ruthless struggles for wealth and power in favour of peaceful competition, and they must make and enforce … Read more