The Fall Of Arochukwu

The Rise Of Aro The Aro Confederacy (1690–1902) was a political union orchestrated by the Aro people, Igbo subgroup, centered in Arochukwu in present-day southeastern Nigeria. Their influence and presence was all over Eastern Nigeria, lower Middle Belt, and parts of present-day Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea during the 18th and 19th centuries. The Arochukwu Kingdom … Read more

Arochukwu Tourist Sites: Mary Slessor Memoorial College Arochukwu

Mary Slessor Memorial School Mary Mitchell Slessor (2 December 1848 – 13 January 1915) was a Scottish Presbyterian minister to Nigeria. Once in Arochukwu, Mary Slessor learned the Aro language, and other nearby dialects, then, at that point, started educating. As a result of how she might interpret the local Aro language and her strong … Read more

Akama Ano Youth Celebrates Over One Year Of Love, Unity and Progress Among Members

  Akama Ano Youth Celebrates Over One Year Of Love, Unity and Progress Among Members. It was a moment of joy and celebration as Akama Ano Youth Celebrates Over year of unity, progress and love among the youth of Akama Ano. The event which held on 23/01/2022 at the Arochukwu Waterfall captured indigens of different … Read more

EZE ARO BURIAL: Rich Arochukwu Cultural Display

It was a thing of joy and display of Arochukwu rich Cultural heritage as The burial rites of our late Eze, Mazi Vincent  Ogbonna Okoro, CFR, the immediate past Eze Aro and the traditional ruler of Arochukwu kingdom was held on Monday the 5th Day of April, 2021. Following the completion of the long started … Read more

Anglo Aro War: Reason For History Reformation

  The principal objective or goal of the bi-annual Anglo-Aro war memorial lecture / fiesta is to immortalize the efforts and the actors of the United States of Arochukwu (USA). Noble Aro priests, blacksmiths, farmers and traders had long built several States in and beyond the West African region even before the start of slave … Read more

Aro Must Be Great Again

  History has brought to light the fact that the Aro of yesterday was more influential, popular, united and respected than the Aro of today. Many years ago, our ancestor foresaw the present challenges that are hindering Aro’s development today and fought very hard to stop the Colonizers. “In Berlin accord we stand”, the foreigners … Read more

Brief Description Of Amasu Village Arochukwu

 Amasu Village Arochukwu is one of the ancient historic villages in Arochukwu Kingdom. The Village is famous with their Itembe cultural dance and Ugbo Ali cultural Display. The Ugboali Cultural display is a culture display best known by Amasu People, it is a type of display that involves riding canoe on a mere ground, without … Read more

Facts About Arochukwu Waterfall

Arochukwu Waterfall Arochukwu Waterfall, locally known as “Ogba N’ Nkume,” stands as a mesmerizing natural wonder behind Arochukwu Stadium, blending captivating visuals with soothing sounds. Its symphony of rushing waters over narrow surfaces, uniting stones before gently descending into a serene pool, creates an invigorating auditory experience. Managed by locals from Arochukwu Kingdom and neighboring … Read more