Mbaise Traditional Marriage List – Imo State

Igbo Traditional Marriage List

There is this Igbo adage that a man who finds a woman finds a good thing and the beauty and respect of a woman lies on her husband.

But recently, there are various trending  reports all over Nigeria that Mbaise Marriage List is very expenses in Imo State. 

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No one knows where this story started or when it started spreading or who to believe Again.

That’s why today we will be discussing on Mbaise Marriage List in Imo State, if it’s coslt or not.

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If you are interested in Mbaise lady and you want to check your pocket before proposing marriage to her, you are at the right place as we will tell you what you need to know about the Mbaise Marriage List In Imo State.

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I will also advise you to go for what you want and keep away from stories and tales that Mbaise Marriage List is costly.

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Anyways, I can’t say if it is costly or not, but after going through this publication you will now decide and know if it’s costly or not.

The belief that Mbaise Marriage List is costly has led some men to avoid Mbaise girls when it comes to marriage and also some Mbaise girls to remain single.

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This is what led Nwamazi Nnadozie Victor, the owner and CEO  of Aro Okeigbo Blog was moved to look into the issue of this Mbaise Marriage List if it’s costly or not.

We will advise you to keep reading as we will be unleashing the Mbaise Marriage List.

How to propose marriage to a woman today and in the past is not the same again.

Some women in Mbaise joined in the discussion of this research work and shared their various experiences men proposing marriage to them following the cost of marriage list in Mbaise of Imo State.

What married couples in Mbaise said about the cost of Marriage List In Mbaise in Imo State.

Ogechi Duruji is a native of Ezemeku in Ogun State, Imo State and has been married to lady from Ahiazu Mbaise since 2010.

“I did not spend a lot of money when I married my wife from Mbaise ” – Ogechi Duruji disclosed to Aro Okeigbo Blog.

He said that the story of Mbaise marriage list was pure hatred because he was schoked when he saw the Mbaise Marriage List and  did not spend a lot of money at that time of paying his wife’s bride price in Mbaise, Imo State.

The lists of things in the women’s list of Mbaise Marriage could cost Two hundred thousand (200,000 .00) or lesser.

He said he had less than N200,000 in cash when he married a woman and was involved in all the legal process required of him for proper payment of woman bride price in Mbaise of Imo State.

Duruji said he was saddened by the sum of N5,000 that was collected for questioning purpose.

He said that Marriage List given by his in-laws was not that much which led to the successful paying of dowry of his wife.

Another man from Ekiti State who did not want to be named as a marriage activist in Ahiazu Mbaise explained the Mbaise Marriage List is not too expensive.

Some of the marriage Content in Mbaise Marriage List includes; N16,000 for family members, one crate of Stout, three crates of beers, cigarettes, tobacco, 36 kolanuts.

Content in Mbaise Marriage List for Mbaise Women include, N12,000, two crates of malt, a bottle of wine, pumpkin seeds and four  big dried meat (male and female), anchovies, rice, meat and wine, N5000 cash for youth.

Mbaise Marriage List could cost someone the total of N140,000.

What an indigen of Mbaise said concerning the Mbaise Marriage List is as follows,

Mr. Okenze Nnabugwu Festus, a traditional leader from Eziudo in Ezinihite Mbaise, said that all Mbaise have the same culture in marriage.

He asserted that the decision  of Mbaise Marriage List being costly or not is an issue for the brothers and the family of the bride to decide for themselves what to give out to their inlaw.

He said that many families who want to give out their female daughter out for marriage do reduce the cost of Content of materials in the Mbaise Marriage List into two parts, so as to enable their intending inlaw be able to pay their daughters bride price.

But some in-laws prefer to pay their wife’s bride price by cash than going to buy on purchases through family engagement.

“The purchase or the price will not stop a person from getting married,” he said.

He said it was not necessary for the man to finish everything in the list.

He went on to say that everything happens through the agreement of the man who wants to marry and the father of the bride (family) of  he wants to marry.

See the Mbaise Traditional Marriage List Below.


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