Ikeji Arondizuogu 2023: Arondizuogu Youth President Calls For Peace And Unity Amidst The Celebration

As the annual Ikeji festival approaches in the town of Arondizuogu, tensions run high among the youth in the community.

In an effort to promote peace and unity, the Arondizuogu Youth President has issued a statement through Aro Okeigbo Blog, calling for an end to all forms of violence and the promotion of peaceful coexistence during the festival. The statement comes as the 2023 Arondizuogu Yam Festival Commences Today,

Read Release Below as sent to Aro Okeigbo Blog For Publication,

NTOROBIA IZUOGU! Ezinwanne Amaka!!!

NTOROBIA IZUOGU! Ezinwanne Amaka!!!


I’m using this medium to appreciate all the members of the Arondizuogu Youth Association Worldwide (AYA Worldwide) and Arondizuogu Youth at large, both at home and abroad. Our unity of purpose, love, and sense of humor are our bonds. I love the way we are doing things, especially in our corporation.

One day, as I was thinking about life—I still remember—my spirit told me that I should never miss an opportunity to contribute good things to the advancement of humanity, my family, and my town. Our contribution toward the development of our town and its good name is very important to God.

We all know that on April 27, the Ikeji Festival will start. It’s a time of enjoyment and other activities. Ikeji Festival is a cultural heritage in Arondizuogu. I think it’s something we have to do with a sense of love and peace and having in the back of our minds that we have to live to see it next year.

I’m using this medium to advise all our youths, especially the male folks (ndi umu okorobia), to bear in mind that what they are going home to do is a festival, not war. We are all brothers, friends, and well-wishers. It’s not going to be a thing of joy and good report if you kill or give your brother injury and scatter his blood or flesh on the ground in the name of the Ikeji festival. Ikeji Festival is not a war- or fight-motivated festival. Don’t go to this festival with a dagger, knife, gun, axe, or a mind of revenge or to inflict injury in return for a misunderstanding or maybe what someone did to you some time ago. Ikeji is not a time of vengeance! It is not the time to pay back. Don’t attack anyone with cham, or the power of nagative magic, in a diabolical way. I think it’s a festival we have to celebrate with love and peace. It’s going to be a thing of joy that after this year’s Ikeji festival, all will go back home in peace and joy without any injury, accident, or death.

As you are celebrating and enjoying yourself during the Ikeji festival, the Arondizuogu Youth Association worldwide Executive is soliciting your feedback and reporting issues of concern to us through our WhatsApp platform. Voice notes, videos, and writing will be accepted.

I sincerely appeal for an injury-free festival. It’s possible.

More blessings,

Long live the Arondizuogu Youth Association worldwide.

Long live Arondizuogu!

Your brother in service
Ezuma Smart Chinedu, PhD.
President General of the Arondizuogu Youth Association Worldwide

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