About Miss Arochukwu Creative

Welcome to the prestigious Miss Arochukwu Creative pageant, an empowering platform that celebrates the beauty of creativity and the power of compassion. Organized and hosted by Aro Okeigbo Blog, this remarkable event is held annually in the month of September, providing a captivating starting point for young girls and individuals passionate about community service, reaching … Read more

“Aro Kwenu” Igbo Amaka – Atani Mmawuru Great Elephant Steps Out In Ikeji Aro, Goes Home With 1st Runner Up

Once upon a time, in the small town of Atani, the people had been eagerly preparing for the upcoming Ikeji festival. This was a festival of great importance to them, as it was a time to celebrate Aro great culture, traditions, and their people. As the day of the festival drew near, the villagers of … Read more

AROCHUKWU NEWS: Amoba Village Set To Bury King (Eze Ogo) At 117 Years

ROYAL EXIT The entire people of Amoba Village in Arochukwu announces the GLORIOUS TRANSITION and the celebration of the Rite of Passage of their Eze Ogo HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS Känu Oji NWOKORO LATE MAZI (Eze Ogo) Amoba Aged 117 years 1906-2019 RITE OF PASSAGE ARRANGEMENTS FRIDAY 7TH APRIL 2023 10:00PM till Dawn Social and Cultural … Read more

Amangwu Village Arochukwu Set To Hold Her 2022 Amangwu Day In A Grand Style – See Details

Amangwu Village Arochukwu a part of Amuze devision and a historical village in Arochukwu also known as Oso Nta is set to hold her 2022 Amangwu Day Celebration in a grand style. The event which is tagged, ” Youthful And Useful, A United Family For Development And Progress” is scheduled to hold on 29th December, … Read more


 Arochukwu Born Singer, Entertainer And A business man who is popularly known as Ikoko Aro while his stage name is Black Diamond is topping the Arochukwu Musical Industry with his unique Ikoko Musical debut. An Amannagwu born singer is gradually making wave using his Ikoko Music which is gradually taking place and bulding name for … Read more

Arochukwu Yam Festival: Approved Ikeji Calendar 2022

The Ikeji of the Arochukwu Kingdom is an exceptional period when the indigens of Arochukwu are supposed to notice severe adherence to morals, standards, customs and traditions of the Arochukwu Kingdom. During this period, neither burial nor grieving gatherings are permitted. No form of violence and brutality is tolerated, civil disobedience; public fights are completely … Read more