Igbo Traditional Attire


In our todays post, we will be discussing about the Igbo Traditional  Attire.

If you have been searching for the Igbo Traditional Attire you have to search no more because we will bring you picture and details how the Igbo Traditional attire looks like to the Igbos.

The Igbo Traditional attire can be seen as attires by which the Igbo tribes are often putting on, the Igbo traditional attire can be defined as those wears by which Igbos are known with.


One truth that we ought to know is that, Just like language so it is for Attire.

We define where people come from based on the language they speak, so also do we identify people based on how they are dressed.

One good thing about the Igbo traditional attire is that, it is unique.

It will be hard for you to see an hausa man putting on Igbo traditional attire except on fashion purposes.


The only thing that can cause an hausa man or yoruba man to put on Igbo traditional attire maybe because of ridicule purpose in as much as the person wants to mock the Igbo tradition having been a tradition of high regard and standard.

Just as we have five different states in Igbo land, so also are the difference of the Igbo traditional attire but one thing remains common amongst all and that is what we are going to be discussing now.

Igbo Traditional Attire For Men

For Men one common thing among Igbo traditional attire for men is the George, every Igbo man is expected to appear in a well tired George wrapper, isi agu clothe or white designer clothe, with his working stick and Red Cap coupled with a black shoe during traditional occasions this is the common Igbo traditional attire seen among Igbo men.

See picture below

Igbo Traditional Attire For Men

The above picture is a picture of 5 Igbo Men dressed in the Igbo traditional attire ready for a traditional outings.

It is believed that once an Igbo man dresses in such outfit, certainly he is going for a traditional eevnt.

Also look at some other Igbo traditional attire bellow.

Igbo traditional attire for men

Igbo traditional attire for men

Watch From the list of our photos for Igbo Traditional Attire.

The Below Pictures are pictures of Igbo Traditional Attire For Men

Nnadozie Victor Picture

Now talking about Igbo Traditional Attire for Women.

The Igbo Traditional Attire For Women is exceptional and more expensive to obtain than that of men.

It larger in quantity and costlier in price.

The below are lists of Igbo Traditional Attire for ladies,

One plain george

One blouse

One fine hand bag

One head ties

One pair of shoe

Jewelries (Asi Olu)

One wrist watch etc

Igbo ladies wastes more time in dressing up with their traditional attire than men mostly when it comes to traditional marriage.

Igbo traditional attire for ladies or women are the appropriate and most seen attire Igbo ladies usually appear on during traditional events.

It is often seen among Igbo ladies who attends traditional gathering.

One good thing to note is that, no one appears in traditional attire without planning on attending any traditional event.

So the Igbo Traditional Attire is often seen during Igbo Traditional Marriages or events such as, Traditional Retirement, Burial Ceremony, Marriage Ceremony, Yam Festivals, Introductory Events and so on.

A genuine Igbo young lady is supposed to be hardwrking, innovative and useful. A typical Igbo young lady is thought to be Knowledgeable and detests being less bustling in however much they are useful and hard – working.

Igbo Brides are perhaps of the most lovely woman in Nigeria, infarct, they ought to be viewed as the most gorgeous and restrained clan in Nigeria, Therefore, a ton is required from any man who tries to accept one as a spouse.

Igbo women having gone through a few home stages of preparation and family administrations under their folks, are said to have had a few spouse charismas which should be visible in each normal Igbo young lady, a portion of the characteristics of an Igbo young lady incorporate, principled, wonderful as well as helpful. These are a portion of the elements that adds to why the Igbo lady of the hour cost is bit costly in the event that not the most elevated in Nigeria.

Igbo traditional attire for female 

Igbo traditional attire for female

Igbo traditional attire for ladies

Igbo Traditional Attire For Traditional Marriages In Igbo Land
The Igbo Traditional Attire For Traditional Marriages are types of traditional wears worn during traditional events in Igbo Land.
It is often seen and regarded as the most respected traditional attire for the Igbo Traditional Marriages.
In the picture that you are about viewing now are pictures of Igbo Traditional Marriage Attires for Ladies.


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