Brief Description Of Amasu Village Arochukwu

 Amasu Village Arochukwu is one of the ancient historic villages in Arochukwu Kingdom.

The Village is famous with their Itembe cultural dance and Ugbo Ali cultural Display.

The Ugboali Cultural display is a culture display best known by Amasu People, it is a type of display that involves riding canoe on a mere ground, without the aid of river.

Amasu Village played a vital role during the ancient slave trade era, the naming of the village Amasu followed with the ancient Onuasu River located there in the village.

The Onuasu Nwabekee or Onuasu River was the only ancient slave trade route, where slaves are harnessed before being exported from Arochukwu to a places where the buyers will convey and buy them.

The Amasu Village Arochukwu shares a  common boundary with some other villages in Arochukwu, such as; Ujari, Amoba, Ibom, Ugbo and Amukwa.

They also share boundaries with the Ikpanja community in Akwa Ibom State.

The Amasu Village is best known to me with their peaceful nature, troubles and hardworking.

Most of the residents of Amasu are migrant fishermen’s, from other parts of the country, some also engage themselves in using canoe to fetch firewood.

Except from the migrant fishermen’s and firewood hucksters, the indigenes of Amasu are hardworking in nature.

They also indulge in fishing, firewood Hawking, vegetable vegetation, plantain plantation and other handworks.

The Amasu village is one of the villages that supply the Aro People with fresh fish, dry fish, plantain, vegetables and other farm products.

Regardless of them producing all these farm products, they also allow the Ikpanja People to convey their goods using the Onuasu Nwabekee river.

Some farm products that ikpanja People convey to Arochukwu include, Vegetables, dry and fresh fish, Okro, garri, dry meat, palm wine and Kai Kai drink.

If not for some evil malevolence attitude of some personalities in the village, the village would have been placed or ranked as one of the prospering Village in Arochukwu Kingdom.

Some of the Indigenes of Amasu village speak efik and ibibio, this is because they share same boundaries with the Akwa Ibom People, most of the indigenes of Amasu usually marry and spend their holiday at Ikpanja.

The village have an ornamental king known as Eze Ogo, the Oje Ozi Eze is always functioning than the Eze Ogo himself, this is because, the village have a constituted standard that only an aged man will be of high command in authority to foresee the happenings in the village.

The Village own a river known as Obara, it is located close to the Amasu field.

The river is also, anastomose with some other river within the area.

The Obara River sources water from the Iyi Ukwa Ujari while it’s flows down to Asu Nwankita.

The Village also own a gods, known as Okpuruali.

Okpuruali is situated in the entrance of Amasu village, the Okpuruali god is known for it’s Divine being which protects the village from any form of harm (Before).

For example, if you have any evil intention against the village, the Okpuruali god will not allow you to enter the Village.

There is also an ulo nta in this village. The ulo nta can be found at nde udo Akpiri Compound in the village.

During Ikeji yam festival, there is a day marked as the day Okpo na aza awada (A day mapped out to sweep the royal house in preparation or to mark the beginning of the Yam festival) at Agbagwu. Let’s assume that something happened, it couldn’t be observed at Agbagwu village, the next place to come Is the Ulo Nta nde Udo Akpiri in Amasu.

The Amasu Village also have a club known as future pillars club. The club has been committed in helping humanity such as giving of food items to widowers and exercise book to pupil and students in various institution.

The Amasu People are known with the peaceful coexistence.

They also, have some personalities in the village.

The achievements and notable personalities of Amasu village can not be over emphasized without remembering People like, the late Mazi Ogbonnaya Okoronkwo of nde Ogwumah Compound.

Mazi Ogbonnaya Okoronkwo is an architect, he was one of the first Aro indigenes to work with the British colonists.

He is the first person that drew a map that contains all the compounds, villages and roads in Arochukwu. Mazi Ogbonnaya Okoronkwo also, initiated the map of Amasu village, containing all the families, compounds and rivers in Amasu.

Amasu Village have raised many personalities in the entire Arochukwu Kingdom, including the late Mazi Emmanuel Okereke Inyama who was the first Arochukwu Indigenous D.P.O to serve in the Arochukwu police station. During his reign as the Arochukwu divisional D.P.O the rate of crime, intimidation and all form of timidity was mitigated. He deployed his strength, resources and time to erect successful people and promote peaceful tanquility from within and outside his own family.

Also the same family of Late Mazi Emmanuel Okereke Inyama is the first family in the Akama Ano clan to breed the first Army commanding officer in the person Officer Okereke Chinedu Inyama.

There is also this special being in this village, in the person of Mrs. Ifeyinwa Okoro of Ndi Ijoma compound, she has been extending her generosity to the entire Amasu village.

During the Covid 19 pandemic, she shared palliative to the entire Amasu villagers, moreover even before the Covid 19 pandemic. She usually share food and material aids to the less privileged and widowers.

The Amasu Village is make up of four major compounds which includes;

Ndi Ijoma

Ndi Ogwumah Akpiri

Ndi Udo Ogwumah and

Ndi Udo Okwaa

© Nnadozie Victor Onyemaobi

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