Akama Ano Youth Celebrates Over One Year Of Love, Unity and Progress Among Members


Akama Ano Youth Celebrates Over One Year Of Love, Unity and Progress Among Members.

It was a moment of joy and celebration as Akama Ano Youth Celebrates Over year of unity, progress and love among the youth of Akama Ano.

The event which held on 23/01/2022 at the Arochukwu Waterfall captured indigens of different villages of Arochukwu L.G.A.

The youth organization which houses four different villages in the Arochukwu Community is aimed at promoting love, oneness and bringing progress to the youths of the Villages.

During a brief interview with one of the executives of the group, Mr. Kelechi Okoroji he noted that through the platform of Akama Ano Youth, numerous progresses has been occuring within the four villages of Akama Ano.

According to Mr. Kelechi, he disclosed that through the platform of Akama Ano Youth the dilapidated Ujari Curvet was able to be renovated which was financed by Hon. Ned Ijoma, with the human support of Akama Ano Youth. Mr. Kelechi furthermore  mentioned some indigens of Akama Ano indigens who through the platform of Akama Ano Youth were able to obtain  scholarship from some of the top personalities of Akama Ano.

Also speaking is Mr. Chijioke Kanu Ijomanta who disclosed that the Akama Ano Youth platform will be of great benefit if only the youth of Akama Ano can come together with one goal, vision and focus as it will help in curtailing the rate of crime in Akama Ano, help in fighting audio political Promises and aid in attracting politicians to do meaningful projects to the people of Akama Ano.

Mr. Chijioke added that barely one year of this organization numerous progresses have been recorded, which include; renovation of Amannagwu Junction, Renovation of Ujari Curvet and Awarding of Scholarship To some Learners of different educational levels.

He used the medium to encourage every youth of Akama Ano comprising of, Amasu, Ujari, Amannagwu and Ibom to identify with the group and encouraged the members to give no listening ears to backbiters whose work is to castigate and discourage the other members. He also added that the 2021 Akama Ano Youth picnic was hosted by Amannagwu village at the Arochukwu Waterfall as they look forward to other villages to host the 2022 edition.

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