Father connives with doctor, nurse, sells baby for N400,000 in Lagos

The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a man, Daniel Chigozie, for allegedly conspiring with two others to sell his three-month-old baby for N400, 000. City Round learnt that Chigozie, after allegedly conniving with his doctor, Musa Peter, and a nurse, Ezieke Chinenye, sold the baby to another woman identified as Ezeobi Chinenye, without the … Read more

Aro Must Be Great Again

  History has brought to light the fact that the Aro of yesterday was more influential, popular, united and respected than the Aro of today. Many years ago, our ancestor foresaw the present challenges that are hindering Aro’s development today and fought very hard to stop the Colonizers. “In Berlin accord we stand”, the foreigners … Read more

Facts About Arochukwu Waterfall

Arochukwu Waterfall Arochukwu Waterfall, locally known as “Ogba N’ Nkume,” stands as a mesmerizing natural wonder behind Arochukwu Stadium, blending captivating visuals with soothing sounds. Its symphony of rushing waters over narrow surfaces, uniting stones before gently descending into a serene pool, creates an invigorating auditory experience. Managed by locals from Arochukwu Kingdom and neighboring … Read more