A Recital Of Eze Mazi Kanu Oji

His Majesty, the late Eze Mazi Kanu Oji – CFR, CON, OBE – the Eze Aro, is regarded as Nigeria’s longest monarch that ever reigned.

Statue Of Late Eze Mazi Kanu Oji

He was born in the year 1900 and he kicked the bucket in the year 1987.

He ruled from 1914 – 1987, subsequently administering for quite some time constantly. He is the Nigeria’s longest ruler in the history of Nigeria. Late Mazi Kanu Oji was crowned  Eze Aro in 1914 at a teen age of 14 years. However, he was unable to assume full responsibility for the privileged position until he accomplished a full age of 21 years. Which was in 1921, precisely 7 years after his crowning ritual. It was then that he played out his first significant public role as Eze Aro as he led, interestingly, at a crucial gathering of Aro Traditional Leaders Council.

A Write-up On The Statue Of The Late Eze Mazi Kanu Oji

It is not the years of life he lived on earth that draws attention and consideration to the people of Arochukwu rather his  insight and accomplishments he made on the privileged position, which actually reverberate and stay permanent in the sands of history and have changed him to a legend among all other monarch in history. At the century remembrance of Aro-British conflict, initiated ‘Aro 2002’, the Aro Nation laid out a conventional mentorship organization, “Inya Akpa “, in his honor, to project the “honor above rich”‘ idea. He was venerated by all and his rule was long and quiet.

Archived history has since shown that His Majesty, Eze Mazi Kanu Oji, got early British acknowledgment following his insight and initiative he brought into local organization that worked with the execution of circuitous rule in the then Eastern Nigeria. Along these lines, he was respected with Queen Elizabeth II crowning ordinance decoration of June 2, 1953, Commander of the British Empire (OBE) in 1956. The Nigerian government was to stick to this same pattern with Commander of the Order of the Niger (CON), and Commander of the Order of the Federal Republic (CFR).

Eze Mazi Kanu Oji is a first class monarch in the history of Nigeria and the world at Large.

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