Arochukwu Born Singer, Entertainer And A business man who is popularly known as Ikoko Aro while his stage name is Black Diamond is topping the Arochukwu Musical Industry with his unique Ikoko Musical debut.

An Amannagwu born singer is gradually making wave using his Ikoko Music which is gradually taking place and bulding name for itself while regarded as the most listened and rated music in Arochukwu Kingdom.

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While interacting with him and trying to know what prompted him to sing such music with pure Aro Okeigbo Dialect, he told the correspondence of Aro Okeigbo Blog that it is out of his passion and love for Arochukwu Kingdom and to promote the speaking of Aro amongst Aro indigenes that moved him to dish out such entertaining music.

He also noted that he so much believed in the Igbo Adage that says, “Ana Amara Mma Aza Na Ulo Apu Na Ama” which made him to first seeking popularity and getting known in his community before going to other parts of the world.

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He told the correspondence of Aro Blog that he has so many other tracks that he did for Arochukwu Kingdom which he is yet to release due to financial constrains.

He told Aro Blog to help make the music Downloadable using their most visited website in Arochukwu and appreciated their kind gesture towards trying to know about him.

Black Diamond is a native of Ezi Ogo Compound in Amannagwu Village Arochukwu, he is the artiste that sang the trending and most listened Aro Na Ato Ka Ikoko  Music.

You Can Contact Him Via +2348034753871

You can Download the music using the provided Download Link below.


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