Brief History Of Arondizuogu Of Arochukwu

Arondizuogu was founded by the use of force by Mazi Izuogu Mgbokpo and his brothers (Iheme) in the mid-14th century. Izuogu Mgbokpo was a charismatic slave merchant who came from Arochukwu to Ọka in search of slaves. He was usually harbored by a friend from Umualaoma where he slept when going in search of slaves and with his goods (slaves). Some of the slaves of Izuogu maintained the name even after they were freed from captivity. Izuogu Mgbokpo has three children and three brothers. The children were Uche (Ndi Uche whose mother was from Isiekenesii), Awa (Ndiawa)and Amazu (Ndiamazu). While the brothers were Imoko (Ndi-imoko), Njoku (Ndi-Njoku) and Akame (Ndi-akaeme). Others are aborigines such as Ogbuonyeoma, Amankwu, Ekwuru Iheme, himself, was his Chief Servant and he came from Isi-Akpu Nise, in Ọka. Iheme and his master Izuogu used all the weapons at their disposal, including the slaves, juju, guns and other equipments for securing slaves which they sold to the European slave merchants, Arondizuogu people refer to themselves as “Izuogu na Iheme”.

Early in the 19th century, Mazi Okoli Idozuka was an immigrant from Isi-Akpu Nise to Arondizuogu. As a great slave warrior, he expanded Arondizuogu’s boundaries. He later changed his name to Okoro Idozuka, an Aro equivalent of his former name. He was a wealthy ruthless and almost conscienceless slave trader like Izuogu Mgbokpo but was also a great leader. Nwankwo Okoro was the first son of Okoro Idozuka. At the age of 21 he joined his father in the slave trade. ] By collecting slaves and war-captives he was able to build a very large family. When the British came, they made him a Warrant Chief because they believed he could subdue anybody and collect the taxes they desperately needed form them. Until this day, Arondizuogu is the biggest former Aro colony and a land of immigrants settling mainly on the rich land.

Some Places of Interest in Arondizuogu include Mazi Mbonu Ojike Cottage (Village home of Nigeria’s late “Boycott king”), Mazi Mbonu Ojike at Ndiakeme Uno; Uno Ogologo (a safe house built in 1887 for hiding children during the slave trade era); The Stone Palace (a storey building cast in stone erected by late Chief Green Mbadiwe, West Africa’s first millionaire for his father, Umualaoma Nkwo Ochie (old Nkwo).

Mbadiwe Odum at Ndianiche Uno; Ngeze (legendary stream at Ndiakeme Uno); Ogbuti Ezumezu (exotic visitor’s chamber of Ikeji music maestro Pericoma Okoye at Ndiogbuonyeoma Ofe Imo).  Dr. K.O. Mbadiwe at Ndianiche Uno commissioned by late Prime minister, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa in 1965).Obi Omenuko, homestead of Igwegbe Odum (Omenuko), the hero of Pita Nwana’s book.

Ndi izuogu lives in many local government areas in Imo State. Although they have almost the same dialect with the group of Igbos in Anambra state, apart from Ndi Uche (descendants of the first son of Izuogu) that still retain a slightly different language as they live at the border to protect other members of the clan. Their language is slightly affected by their neighbours. It is remarkable that Arondizuogu is the only community that inhabits three local government areas apart from Mbaise. The local Government they inhabit include Okigwe, Ideato North and Onuimo.

Arondizuogu is made up of 20 villages.

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