Brief History Of Dr. Uko Akpan (1927 – 2020l


1. That he was Akwa Ibom’s Foremost Cultural Musician? 

2. That he was Annang’s Foremost Cultural Musician? 

3. That he was Abak’s Foremost Cultural Musician? 

4. That his father was a leader of cultural plays in Ikot Obong, Afaha Obong, Abak? 

5. That he founded his cultural play in 1945?

6. That his cultural play was originally known as NKAAKANG (meaning ‘without’), since he had no instruments and drums then? 

7. That Uko Akpan came into prominence when he sang USUNG CALABAR-ITU, which appreciated President Shehu Shagari’s completion of Calabar-Itu bridge, a feat which enabled passage to Calabar by land instead of the water ways? 

8. That Uko Akpan was the first Akwa Ibom person who bagged a Doctorate in Music (Honoris Causa) without having attended even the primary school? 

9. That Uko Akpan Music is studied and researched upon by scholars and professors? 

10. That the Uko Akpan Music legacy in drumming, dance styles, Ethics and literature will soon be studied in university departments of music, dance, literature, African Studies and African Philosophy?

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