Why You Should Support Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa For Nigeria President


Dear delegates please remember that you will  determine and define the future and sustainability of our current democratic experiment under the People Democratic Party (PDP). I therefore bring you my good tidings and trust you and your families are in good stead. Am a concerned Nigerian who do not have the voting right to directly (s)elect a Redeemer Candidate that will redefine our nationhood at the PDP Primaries and whom you stand proxy. Sir/Ma’am, I represent millions of Nigerians whom their destiny lies on your shoulders to make informed decision on an eligible Presidential candidate irrespective of religion, region, economic, political and social standing.

Dear delegates am aware that you’re among the elected,  selected and statutory members that will vote at the Party Primaries. History beckons on you not to fluff and flop an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past. Your story page in history is waiting to be filled with rationality than selfishness and emotionality. The helpless and hope-less  adults and children have their eyes fixed on you to cast your votes that will redefine their existence and usher in fresh breeze of redemption for a dream country that works for all . Your vote will make the difference.

Highly respected delegates please don’t waist your vote accidentally akin to accidental discharge from the barrel of gun as both you as a voter and the uniform man that handle the gun are both products of grace, law, opportunity, legitimacy with equal mandate of protection…the protection here is internalized with massive potency. It will amount to irredeemable accidental discharge if:

a.  You allow current wave of poverty propel you to sell your votes. How much will you be given to assuage for the monumental pains that Nigerians are passing through? N20,000 bribe to vote a wrong candidate is equal to N13.70k/day for the next four years. N50,000 bribe is equal to N34.25k/day for the next four years. N100,000 bribe for your vote is N68.50k/day for the next four years. N200,000 bribe is just a mere N137.00/day for the next four years. None of these can buy you a bottle of Coke or a loaf of bread. The bulk money is for a while and will not follow you back home  and the cycle of poverty will continue. Is your value and worth defined by the valueless money you’ll receive? Vote for a man that will neither give you bribe nor manipulate your conscience but will reason with you with a view to charting a new Nigeria. Let your voice and choice be for Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa.

b.  If you allow one godfather to instruct you whom to vote for clearly out of selfishness, greed,  avarice and mendacious presentations then you have a date with history. Remember your family, dependants, posterity, victims of bad governance and vote for a balanced and capable personality with magic wands to restore our battered economy, disintegrated security, dehumanized social life and dignity of Nigerians. Vote a man with God the father and not man with godfather, vote Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa who has GOD the father as his backer.

c. Dear delegate, there’s no godfather without you. But there is you without godfather. Don’t be a willing tool of use and dump like James Hardly Chase would say. The opportunity of voting for Mazi Sam Ohuabunwa presents the best endeavor to break away from your captives and join forces to build a New Nigeria that works for all.

Dear Delegate, it will be a secret ballot. Sir/Ma, it’s between YOU, your Conscience, your Maker, your Posterity and the Making of New Nigeria where justice, equity and transparency will naturally reverse our loses and entrench a workable entity called Nigeria. Your Boss will not video you casting your vote and it doesn’t amount to betrayal to follow your mind but an avenue to rescue yourself from the shackles of taskmaster. They have held us bound for a while but freedom has come your way.

Vote Mazi Dr Sam Ohuabunwa, pioneer member of PDP,  Convener, New Nigeria Group, former Chairman of Niemeth, former President, Pharmaceutical  Society of Nigeria, former Chairman, Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and former Chairman Nigeria Economic Summit Group among others. A man of integrity and accountability. A God fearing man with zero indictment and never under EFCC radar. A strategic and compassionate Leader.
Dear Distinguished Delegate, Mazi deserves your vote for your family and in your best interest.
…. watch out for part two

Mazi Dr Agodi KANU 

Security Consultant and Political Strategist. writes from Lagos

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