Lists of highest paying jobs in canada-top 10

This chapter talks about the high-paying jobs in Canada-top 10 of them, some people might be wondering about the types of jobs in Canada that pays high so that they can apply or be aware of them.

Different countries have different jobs that pay very well, so it is with Canada there are some low and high-paying jobs there.

Lists of high-paying jobs in Canada-top 10 are

Data scientist

The yearly estimated salary: is $84,630

How data scientist work: those data scientists are known for gathering as much as a lot of information just from the web and internet, this information is only digital ones then after the gathering of those data, it will be used by an organization that needed it. The organization will now take necessary decisions and actions to work towards achieving its aim Based on the information provided by the data scientist.

Job qualifications of a data scientist: to become a data scientist one must attain a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and also in computer.


The yearly estimated salary: is $254,847

A physician is known as a medical doctor whose work is to treat sick patients and provide medical solutions to their problems.

A physician may decide to work for families, health centers, hospitals, and others.

To be a medical doctor that received a salary in Canada one must get the following:

·      A medical degree issued by a well-trusted versity 

·      Spent at least sometimes to be following up in the residency program

Software architect

Yearly estimated salary: $109,021

Software architects are people that are well-experienced in coding and programming.

They help companies to ensure that the app, website, and others that were developed are working perfectly.

Software architect qualifications in Canada: these are some of the things you must go through. Mathematics, obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in computer science, and the rest.

In some cases, there may be a need for one to have a master’s degree


Average Yearly earned salary: $358,908

How does Anesthiologian work? His career is to make sure that patients are fully ok during surgery without being unconscious before and after the surgery.

How to become an Anesthiologian in Canada?:

They must with medical studies

They must know how to properly handle the following problems kidney problems, liver problems, heart problems, etc

They must make sure they are through with the training on residency.

Corporate controller

Average earned salary: $103,056

How they perform: to be a corporate controller means that the person is in charge of all the financial aspects of a company or organization.

A corporate controller runs, manages, calculates, and keeps a record of every financial record that occurred in the organization.

How to become a corporate controller in Canada?

They meet up with any of these certificates, certified general accounting, a master’s degree, or also a bachelor’s degree.

Chief marketing officer

Yearly estimated salary: $109,196

How they work:they are the ones that take care of sales and marketing of a company or organization they are working for.

They bring in the best ideas which ensure that the company is doing well in terms of sales and they are making good revenue.

They also make advertisements for the company they are working for so that people will be patronizing them both online and offline.

Criteria for becoming a chief marketing officer: you must study business administration or a degree in marketing from the University.


Yearly earned salary: $298,065

How they work: they are well-trained physicians who ensure that they treat patients with mental issues by giving them injections or drugs.

They also advise people on how to overcome depression and other things concerning mental wellness.

Criteria for becoming a psychiatrist in Canada:

·      It’s certain that you must provide a medical degree given by a well-trusted University.

·      Spend some time in a residency program that focuses on mental issues.


 Yearly earned salary:$209,373.

How they work:they are well-trained physicians that treat only tooth problems. the make use of modern types of equipment to ensure they provide the right treatment for the person with teeth problems.

Criteria of becoming an orthodontist: a dentistry degree from a needed also with a specialty license.

It may require that you join the association of dentists within the location.


Yearly earned salary: $105,088

How pharmacist work: they are the ones that give patients the right drugs. When a sick patient visits a pharmacist he will use his modern medical equipment to examine the patient so that he will be able to know the problem thereby prescribing the right drugs for it.

Criteria for becoming a pharmacist:

A degree from the University is highly needed with training from fellow pharmacists.


Yearly earned salary:$279,646

How a surgeon work: they a well-trained medical doctors who ensure that they successfully performed surgery for patients that needed it.

Criteria of becoming a surgeon in Canada: firstly you have to attain a medical degree after it you needed to take part in a residency program which takes up to 4-5 yrs, after the residency program the next step is to take more than 2 years to go through surgical specialty then after that you are good to go.

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