12 high paying job you can do in canada without a work permit

jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit

There are many jobs one can be able to do in Canada without a work permit Canada is a well regulated place that even any little thing one does it must required a work permits for it, nevertheless there are jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit.

Some might be wondering what a work permit means if you are among those trying to find out what a work permit means and how it works worry not because we are ready to bring those answers to you without charges.

A work permit is an authorised document from the officials issued to someone living  in canada so that the person will be very much able to work and receive wages or salaries from his Canadian employer.

Now we will head to those jobs that does not require work permit.

Listed below are The 12 high paying jobs you can do in Canada without a work permit

  • Health care student
  • Military personnel
  • Public speaker
  • Business visitor
  • Clergy
  • Expert investigor or witness
  • Crew member
  • News reporter
  • Film and media crew
  • Students working off campus
  • Incident investigator or aviation accident
  • Student working on campus.

Health care student

This type are for those that are still studying in health care school or college and they wish to be working or employed while studying,work permit may not be required from them but there are certain criteria they will need to pass or met before its finalised.

Those criteria are.

  • There must be a well written go ahead order from those in charge of monitoring and regulating your profession.
  • For it to work very well you must be sure that you are fully taking part in all the clinical clerkship.
  • The training you are under going must last for the maximum of 4 months total.
  • You must have your main aim of the employment as also part of your training.

Military personnel

For those who are a military personnel from another country this will work well for you.

But before it works well for you there must be some provision of legal movement order which verified that your travelling to Canada falls under “visiting force art”.

Public speaker

This are the category of people that are speakers at the public and are they visited canada,work permit may not be required from them

But there activities in the country will not stay as long as 5 days only.

Business visitor

Business visitor is for a person that traveled to canada only for business purpose, maybe to learn some certain business in the country but one certain thing remains that you wont be allowed to enter in the labour market.


This are for religious activities it might be a minister,a pastor,an evangelists etc that came to canada, a work permit may not be asked from them.

You are not alliwed to do any other thing exceptcsrryibg out religious activities that preaching in a congress or church.

Expert investigator or witness.

For those staying in canada and are working as a person that give details of how things happened, like gtelling  correct information of how an incident happened to news agencies.

Work permit may not be asked from them.

Crew member

For those that belonged to the category of people that are bus driver,truck driver and others then a work permit may not be asked from you.

But for it to go well you must have the following 2. Which are:

  •  Making sure that the very work you are doing is welk related to servicing of passengers or carrying of passengers.
  • The vehicle must  be registered and owned a company who are not from canada, and they are for carrying passengers and others.

News reporter

This is for a person that lives in canada and work as a person that bring news to government or news agencies and company concerning how a certain things happened.

A work permit may not be asked from them.

Film and media crew.

This are for people that visited canada for movie acting or for news recording a working permit may not be asjed from them.

They will pass the following:

  • Making sure that their staying in the country will be a maximiumbof 6 months.
  • Must abide by the law governi g residents.
  • Must be an agent that work for an organisation.

Student working off campus

A work permit is never asked from students that are from another country and are studying in canada who are also working off the campus as at the time of their studying.

But nevertheless they are not allowed to work for the maximium of 20hrs each week while its not holiday periods.

Incident investigator or aviation accident.

This works best for those that are accredited for telling how an accident occured,a work permit is not always needfrom them.

And their work must be under the category of transport accident investigation & safety board act.

Student working on campus.

Likewise students that are working off campus so it is with on-campus working students, work permit are never asked from them.

They are allowed to work 20 hrs weekly.

these are the jobs you can do in canada without a work permit

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