Are you aware that you can make a good living while living and working in Asian countries, Or Are you in the category of people that believed they can find high paying work only in western countries. Here we will talk about best Asian countries to work 2022.

Asian countries is another place to find work that suits you and also live comfortably.

Here are the lists of best Asian countries to work 2022.






Let me now explain them in details and more information concerning them.


Things you need to know about Singapore.

Singapore is regarded as a country with low crime rate this made people to reside and work in the place.

They country made life more easier for business owners that wants to start a business in the country because they offer low tax rate.

Getting visa to travel to Singapore is quite easy and simple when compared to getting visa to western countries, in less than 1-2 weeks you will be able to secure your visa of traveling to Singapore.

But there is one more thing you need to know about finding work in Singapore, high paying or top jobs are mainly reserved for the indigene of the country. residents can find works in Singapore but not top paying ones from the government.

They have many languages in Singapore but English is well spoken.


More information about Vietnam.

Working and living in Vietnam will be a wise choice.

This country is rapidly developing in terms of technology and otherwise, they are known for producing auto-mobles, electronics and many more.

For those that are well trained English teacher, working as an English language teacher will earn you huge money in Vietnam also for those who are business minded you can decide to be exporting products from Vietnam to your desired destination, these are just some of the fast means of making money in Vietnam.


More information about Cambodia.

Graphic design, freelancing, English teacher and others are some pictures f the fast moving work to do while living in Cambodia.

Previously in the olden days they are known for troubling but now they are becoming cool and developing.

Cambodia is another place in Asian countries to work with many good features it possessed it is a cool place to do business for business men and women but before doing any business there you have to make sure you understand and speak there language very well this is to avoid them scamming you your hard earned money.


Thailand has many works or jobs readily available for people who are not lazy.

The country is calm with low crime rate they are mainly known for producing agricultural product such as rice.

Thailand are widely known as one of the best countries in the world that produces good rice.

Some of the work one can do in Thailand are.

English teaching work

Product exporter.

Technology work.

Involving in agriculture and a lot more.


Japan is among the best Asian countries to work 2022 they are known for producing good and long lasting products.

Although standard of living in Japan can be considered high but working in this place pays well.

As you can see English is more of things Asian countries are trying hard to learn so teaching English language in Japan is among the fastest,easiest and high paying work a foreigner can do in Japan.

Product manufacturing,

ITC technology

Engineer and others are some of the work you can do in Japan

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