Lists of high paying jobs in USA to apply + their salaries (2022-2023).

Are you  seriously looking  and searching for job in USA that pays higher amount of salary to workers? If yes! Then you don’t need to worry any more because we are going to unveil those lists of high paying jobs in USA to apply.this is a great and rear opportunity for you.

There are types of jobs in USA but what we will discuss here are the high paying ones

Here are the lists of high paying jobs in USA to apply

  • Family medicine physician
  • Judges
  • Natural science manager
  • Petroleum engineer
  • Podiatrist

Let’s now go more deep on the listed high paying jobs above.

Family medicine physician.

The family medicine physician are those trained medical physicians that take care of Patients  with minor illness and also serious illness, most times they visit their patients at home or working place to perform body checkup for them they are very caring to their patients.

Family medicine physician also treat children most times when they discovered the type of illness their patients are suffering they refer them to specialist that will be able to treat the illment.

Qualification of family medicine physician in USA are

  • Studying in medical school and uptaining medical degree
  • Completion of residency program
  • Making sure they do more training on the area of they specialised.


Judges are among the high paying jobs in USA

They are trained to have deep knowledge of the law so that they will use it to pass fair judgement.

Their work is to settle disputes, condem evil act and make Sure that justice prevail at last

 Judges are well respected and regarded in USA.


The qualifications of judges in USA.

  • A degree from law school is highly needed.

Natural science manager

Anything related to science pays well in USA their salaries are always worth their job.

Natural science manager are those that make research and find out new ideas on things related to life, they always carry out deep survey.

Natural science manager can also called the following names:

Research manager

Laboratory manager

Senior scientist and others.

Qualification of natural science manager:

  • Must acquire some of these degree which are masters degree in science,pH.D degree in science, bachelor Degree and other degrees related to science.

Salary: $156,110

Petroleum  engineer

Petroleum engineer is among those lists of high paying jobs to apply in USA .

Petroleum engineer are those engineers trained on how to handle energy resources expecially crude oil, their work is to make sure they help in extracting and separating natural resources like crude oil.

Any country that have crude oil needs engineers that specialises on petroleum, USA have crude oil that means they will also need the work or petroleum engineer.

Petroleum engineer make sure they use their equipments to find out the land that contains crude oil, they also apply functional method to ensure the carry out successful crude oil extraction from the underground.

Qualification of petroleum engineer in USA

  •  Acquiring of degree related to engineering
  • Must have deep knowledge on  science and also on mathematics.

Salary: $145,720.


Podiatrists are those that treat and take care of human with deformity problems which includes lower leg, abnormal position of foot, abnormal position of ankles and other related problems.

They can work in any place, most times podiatrist may carry out surgery to patients that needed it.

Qualification of podiatrist in USA

  • Must acquire podiatrist degree from trusted institution.
  • Completion of 4 years program of DPM
  • Completion of residency program for podiatrists that takes about 3 or 4 years


Lists of high paying jobs in USA to apply, hope you are have been able to make your choice?.

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