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 In our todays post, we will be discussing about the Igbo Traditional Marriage Bride Price, it is necessary that we discuss such issue in our blog here so as to help men and suitors who wish to seek for an Igbo girl hand in marriage to properly paln themselves and get prepared ahead of time.

This calls for immediate hid to masses clarion call on our Blog to publish the lists of Igbo Traditional Marriage List, so if you have been searching for where to get the Igbo Traditional Marriage List and to know the Cost of Marriage List In Igbo Land, then you are at the right place.

The Igbo Tribe are group of People who can be found in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, the igbo people proves themselves as a tribe and people whose cultural and traditions are of high standard and great value and as regards to this, it contributed to the implementation and drafting of Igbo Traditional Marriage List.


 A real Igbo girl is said to be hardwrking, industrious and productive. An average Igbo girl is assumed to be Knowledgeable and hates being less busy in as much as they are productive and hard – working.

Igbo Brides are one of the most beautiful ladies in Nigeria, infarct, they should be regarded as the most beautiful and disciplined tribe in Nigeria, Therefore, a lot is expected of any man who seeks to take one as a wife.

Igbo ladies having undergone several home trainings and family managements under their parents, are said to have possessed several wife charismas which can be seen in every average Igbo girl, some of the qualities of an Igbo girl include, conscientious, beautiful as well as cooperative. These are some of the factors  that contributes to why the Igbo bride price is bit expensive if not the highest in Nigeria.

The issuance of bride price list to a suitor or grooms family has been in existence for a very long time now now. 


This practice is possibly a direct message to a potential boyfriend or admirer of a lady who seeks to take an Igbo Lady for marriage.


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Stories has it that some Igbo Traditional Marriage List are said to chase away unserious men who dont know what they want for themselves or maybe categorized as the unserious ones from getting married to their Igbo brides. 

NOTE: We publishing this list is not a go ahead other to any groom who wishes to take an igbo girl for marriage to start getting the listed items without going to inquire from the brides community or compound if it differs from the one you are about reading now.


The truth still remains that, they are five major states in south east Nigeria that make up the Igbo tribe and of such they are different marriage lists in each of these state but the differences are not much far from each other.

But the truth remains that the highest Igbo Bride Price in the whole Igbo land cannot cost a groom who wishes to take an Igbo girl for marriage more than #300. 000. 00. This is to say that the total amount to budget for your Igbo Traditional Marriage should be Three hundred Thousand Naira.

Also Note: You can budget a higher amount depending on your target audience who you invited for your marriage ceremony.

Despite having five different states in Igbo land that make up the Igbo Tribe, they are common things that can be seen amongst every Igbo Traditional Marriage Lists.


Some of those things includes,

Father In-laws entitlement and mother in-laws entitlements; this is to say that among all the Igbo Traditional Marriage List, these two things are compulsory things to see in the lists.

This sign of attitude is of great significant to the customs and traditions of the Igbo people, According to Nwamazi Nnadozie Victor, the CEO of Arochukwu Blog, he noted that the significant of Mother And Father in-laws entitlements is to help replace the clothes which they weared during the brides training.

This doesn’t mean that you are coming to change their wardrobe but it is a significant of the clothes the both parents used while training their female child.


The Things to see in Father and Mother in-laws Entitlements are as followed,


A) one big george, one plain george

B) two wax prints, two blouses


C) one fine hand bag, two head ties

D) one pair of shoe, one fine umbrella

E) one wrist watch, one big basin

F) one metal bucket, one english mat


G) one big towel, two tins of big powder

H) 12 tablets of toilet soap

I) six bottles of pomade

J) necklace & ear-rings



A) One big chief jumper

B) one piece of plain george wrapper

C) one walking stick


D) one fine hat/one umbrella

E) one wrist watch

F) a pair of shoe/ a pair of sucks

G) a dozen of handkerchief 


Now lets jump into the Igbo Bride Price List

  1. Ego maternity -N- 1,000
  2. Collecting Of Marriage List #2.000 to #5000 depending on the area
  3. Body Cream, Good Bathing And Washing Soap, bathing towel
  4. 30 to 50 Tubers Of Yam
  5. Snails (If Necessary) For Preparation of soup that day
  6. One or Two Big Okporoko (stockfish) 
  7. Two Ukwu Anu Ewu – Leg Of Goat 2 (For Soup)
  8. Good Quantity of Okazi or Olugbu Leaf depending on the one they agreed to cook that day
  9. Morning Rose Powder 
  10. Pomade
  11. Sugar (If Necessary)
  12. Ovaltine (If Necessary)
  13. Bar soap – 1  or 2 cartons
  14. Tablet soap – 1 carton
  15. Tin milk – (If Necessary)
  16. Bread – (Based On Agreement)
  17. Salt – 2 bags
  18. Spices such as Maggi (Royco And Star) ! packet each
  19. Rice – 1 or Two bags depending on the people coming for the occassion
  20. One or Two Big Tomatoes tin
  21. Red (palm) oil – 1 rubber
  22. Groundnut oil – 1 rubber
  23. Kerosene – 1 litre
  24. Maltina drink – 4 or more cartons
  25. Soft drink – 6 or more crates
  26. Onions – 40 bulbs
  27. Ego ala abo – -N- 10,000
  28. Ego nfotu ite – -N- 1000
  29. Big basin – 2
  30. Big umbrella – 2
  31. George material – 2 pieces
  32. Hollandis material – 2 pieces
  33. Blouse material – 2 pieces
  34. Head ties – 2
  35. Wrist watch – 1
  36. shoes – 2 pairs
  37. Big box – 1
  38. Lamp – 1
  39. Hand bag – 1
  40. Nigerian wax – 1 piece
  41. Necklace and ear ring – 1 piece
  42. 8 Kola nuts or cost price
  43. 8 Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent
  44. 8 heads of tobacco with potash
  45. 1 Goat for umunna
  46. 2 Crates of minerals
  47. 1 Carton of maltina
  48. 2 Cartons of star beer
  49. 1 Carton of Guinness small stout
  50. 8 Packets of Benson and Hedges
  51. 2 Bottles of Ground snuff
  52. Lump sum (ogwe ego) – -N- 2,000
  53. 2 Bottles of seaman’s schnapps
  54. Kola nuts or cash equivalent
  55. 20 Gallons of palm wine or cash equivalent
  56. 2 Crates of minerals
  57. 2 cartons of maltina
  58. 2 cartons of Guinness small stout
  59. 10 cartons of star beer
  60. One roll of Benson and Hedges
  61. 12 Heads of tobacco with potash
  62. 4 bottles of seaman’s schnapps
  63. 4 bottles of ground snuff
  64. Ego ala ezi – -N-1,500
  65. Officers money – -N-1,000
  66. 32 kola nuts or cost price
  67. 30 gallons of palmwine or cost price
  68. 2 crates of minerals
  69. 2 cartons of maltina
  70. 2 cartons of Guinness small stout
  71. 10 crates of Star beer
  72. Two rolls of Benson and Hedges
  73. 32 Heads of tobacco with potash
  74. 4 bottles of seaman’s schnapps
  75. Umunna Ahuna Ego
  76. Toasting of wine
  77. 1 bottle of seaman’s schnapps with 500 naira for Onye Eze (Village chief)
  78. Ego Umuama -N- 1000
  79. Ego mpatu Anya (Jealousy money) -N- 1,200
  80. Ihu Onu Aku Nwanyi (Bride price) – Negotiable  

Now it is worthy to note that the above listed items is the cost of Igbo Traditional Bride List, some of the above listed items may differ from the ones your in-law is going to give you. They may add some other items or remove some item but these are mostly seen among every Igbo Marriage Lists.





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