Unsolved deaths of a groom and six wedding guests on Saturday have caused anxiety in the rural town of Eka Utara in Adani, Uzo-Uwani Local Government Area of Enugu State.

Five further patients, including the bride, were being treated at an unnamed local hospital, according to information obtained 

Additionally, it was learned that the victims had just returned from a wedding ceremony in Obollo-Afor in Enugu State’s Udenu Local Government Area when they began to perish.

They were worried about food sickness, according to a source in the Adani community who begged to remain anonymous to Vanguard.

The source added that other individuals believe the victims passed away after breathing carbon dioxide from a power generator moved onto the veranda of a home where they were staying as it rained after the wedding ceremony.

According to the source, an autopsy will be performed on the dead bodies to determine the precise cause of the deaths.

According to the source, the victims began inexplicably dying after they returned from Obollo-Afor, where they had attended a wedding. I was also told that the inexplicable fatalities could have been brought on by food poisoning, while other people have suggested that it could have been caused by generator fumes that were carried to a house’s porch where they stayed when it started to rain.

There is also a possibility that the insecticide used to get rid of the mosquitoes in the room contributed to the deaths of the visitors. We are currently in a condition of complete disarray. Only an autopsy could reveal what caused their deaths.

The victims were discovered to be lying hopelessly on the floor by a neighbour who had gone to welcome the newlyweds. He then notified others who joined him to take the victims to hospitals.

Despite the fact that Daniel Ndukwe, the Enugu State Police Command’s spokesperson, was unable to confirm the information because, according to him, he was attending a church service, one of the doctors who treated some of the victims in his hospital, confirmed that five of them had passed away there. He claimed that because additional people who were impacted by the tragedy passed away in other hospitals, he was unable to determine the precise number of casualties.

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