Ignes Charges Youth To Stop Singing Praises To Him, Rather Focus On Good Governance

Mazi Ifeanyi Ogbonna Elvis an Arochukwu State constituency hopeful aspirant and a chieftain of the All Progressive Grand Alliance (APGA) has urge the youths of Arochukwu Local Government to channel their energy and enthusiasm for a good Governance not in singing praises to politician for the sake of peanut money.

He stated this while informing the public through his social Handle ahead of his official declaration for the post of Arochukwu State Constituency.

In a Facebook post, the APGA chieftain disclosed that he will officially be making known his interest for the post of the Arochukwu State Constituency on 20th March, 2022 at the APGA Office in Asaga using it as a medium to charge the youth to focus on good governance instead of singing praises to politicians.

He Wrote,

The journey will officially start this Weekend , officially we will flag off on Sunday don’t miss the event.

The event will be at Apga office Asaga Arochukwu. 

Is youth o’clock, the time is now just like I told the market women some days back, I won’t close my eyes and see things go wrong in this constituency, but i won’t bring the change without you, it need a collective effort to achieve it.

And i keep telling the youth this anytime I have opportunity to talk to some youths, let’s stop singing praises for politicians, some days back in an event some youth gathered around singing, immediately i noticed that i moved close to them I told them to stop because if you sing praises for me just because of what I will give you today not because you really want change in our constituency if I give you money today will I give you tomorrow, they all said in chorus NO OOOO then I advised them to go and get their PVC ready because is right time we take the bull by the horn.

Our constituency needs our voice.

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