What You Should Know About Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu (Kingmoore) Nzuko Aro Aspirant



Kingmoore; Personified Amalgamated Compendium for Nzuko Aro Leadership



Barely one year ago, had Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu taken a reviving decision to join the race for the office of the President General of Nzuko Aro Worldwide. His decision was influenced by the truism that the Socio-Political Administration of Nzuko Aro Worldwide has not done enough in that the leadership failed to realise that they are subject to Eze Aro in Council, the founder and initiator of Nzuko Aro. They had great opportunities to harness the great potentials of Aro Okeigbo kingdom but failed when they were in contention for superiority with the Eze in Council. 

Since his announcement and subsequent declaration, there has been lots of interest from many well-meaning Aro sons and daughters both at homestead, Diaspora and abroad. The support he has received has been so overwhelming and this has gone deeply to show the content that moulds him.



Deacon Kingsley Okoro Kanu popularly known as Kingmoore was born into the family of Late Mazi Samuel Kanu Ezuma Okoro Ukpabi Ugo, in Nde Ukpabi compound in Akanu, Amanagwu Village, Arochukwu Abia state. At the time of his birth, his parents were living in Jos, Plateau state. He started his early education at St. Peter’s Primary School Bukuru, Jos Plateau state. At the inception of the Nigerian Civil War, his parents relocated back to Arochukwu alongside Mazi Kingmoore and all his siblings. At the end of the Nigerian Civil War, Kingmoore was enrolled at Aggrey Primary School Ibom Arochukwu. After his primary school in Arochukwu he moved to Aba where he did menial jobs, conductor, driver and other jobs,  he later enrolled at St Theresa Commercial School, Aba. In 1981, he got employment at Imo State Standard Shoe Company Owerri as a Liason Officer,  he later joined Med-Africa Shipping Lines as a Trainee Clerk in Port Harcourt. He later enrolled with London School of Shipping Management as an external Candidate and obtained a certificate in Shipping Management. Due to his doggedness and quest for improvement and excellence he left Med Africa to be employed by Trident Shipping Company Limited as a Manager, a company owned by an outstanding Aro philanthropist; Mazi Chris Ukpapi, he rose in  the company to become the Managing Director, he received the prestigious Fellowship award of  Fellow Institute of Shipping Management and Transport Logistics.

 Deacon Kingsley Okoro Kanu – Kingmoore, was that young boy that through the grace of God turned Man, who lost his father at the tender age of 15, yet he did not hold back in his pursuit, but started with menial jobs to make ends meet and to support his mother and siblings. Mazi Kingmoore’s virtues speaks volumes for him in high and low places, he is a visionary man.

Kingmoore has accomplished so much in life. He currently is one of the  major shareholder and the Executive Director – Operations at First Aries Petroleum Limited, the Operator of Oil Prospecting License (OPL 235). He is also the President Premier Energy LLC, New York and Chairman, Premier Energy Limited,a Downstream Servicing Company.  Chairman, Godskan Energy Limited, a Power Transmission, Distribution and Real Estate Company.  


Mazi Kingmoore, has also made waves in the International Diplomacy and Business, he was appointed as Consultant to start a Visa Centre in Lagos by the  Ukrainian government. He was also authorised to appoint an Honorary Counsel for Ukraine government in Nigeria, all these he successfully executed. 

He is the founder and Board of Trustee member of Nigerian Ukrainian Business Council (NUBC).

His managerial skills circles around Organizational and Human Management, Asset and Resource Management, Strategic and Community Development, Idea Driven and Innovative Leadership, Socio-Political Intermediation, Foreign Diplomacy and Business Incubation. 


At his youth age he joined other youths of likemind to become the founding members of the early Social Clubs in the late 80’s, the soul aim of the Clubs were for development of Aro Kingdom, by raising funds to build infrastructures which where lacking at that time for the good of all Aro citizens. The clubs are Aro-Okeigbo Social Club of Nigeria (AROSON) and Omenuko Fraternity of Arochukwu. He  served as a National Publicity Secretary in tenures with AROSON and the present National Treasurer with OMENUKO FRATERNITY. 


Business and Entrepreneur Prowess


The name Kingmoore is synonymous with business. In the late 70s to early 80s, Kingmoore remotely commenced an entertainment business called KINGMOORE PROMOTIONS. This created frills and thrills for all Aro youngsters and was a look-towards events. Kingmoore created business chain for artisans and vendors, which increased the entrenuership consequence of Umu Aro.

Kingmoore lost his father at the age of 15, but was not deterred by that, rather he continued to wax strong in entrepreneur sojourn and that plummeted him from working for the State Government as Liason Officer to private firms and finally setting up his on firm both in partnership and sole ownership. 

Leadership Skill

Mazi Kingsley Kanu, is a renowned leader per excellent. He has played supportive leadership rules by giving clinical ideas to major politicians as well as leaders in various community services in Arochukwu. Kingmoore stood out in whatever that is success and development. He is the only Global Deacon of the Loveword Inc aka Christ Embassy Church. Kingmoore being a socially exposed gentleman apart from being a founding member of AROSON has also served as a former National Publicity Secretary and is a current Treasurer of Omenuko Fraternity.  Kingmoore is also a National Patron of Nzuko Amanagwu Lagos branch and a Patron of Nzuko Aro Lagos branch. He got this first class Patronship due to his exceptional performance in the supportive guidance of both association. 


Aro Root

Mazi Kingmoore is a well-rooted Aro Man and he professes the ideology of Nwa Aro in all spheres. His enthusiastic and dogged nature makes him a complete Nwa Aro, well versed in  the whims and caprices of Arochukwu Cultural ideology, which is a plus in his dealings among Aro people in all Aro activities. 

Over 36 years ago, a relatively young Mazi Kingmoore was appointed a member of the Late Eze Kanu Oji rite of Passage committee alongside many others, he served in a subcommittee and delivered exceptionally. That event was adjudged the best Aro has ever organized. This was made possible because of his understanding of the Aro institution and norms. 


Branch/Village Consultation

As there is time for everything in life, upon the self-conviction of Mazi Kingmoore to run for the Office of the President General of Nzuko Arochukwu Worldwide, Kingmoore had activated branch tours covering over 13 branches so far. These branch visitations has given him the rare privilege to interact with the members of these branches as well as identify their pain-points, which has been a heavy burden over the years due to the neglect from the top to have a working relationship with the branches rather than the applied Master and Servant idea of this present regime. The clarity Kingmoore has brought in the quest of change to the status quo of Nzuko Aro Administration to effectively serve all and the collective and greater good has sent serious signal to all concerned Aro men and women. In some locations, Kingmoore has left notable and life touching impacts. First, of its kind is his action to get the Ebonyi State government which is on going, to resettle the war-ridden members of Effium branch that were displaced over two years ago due to communal clashes but has not been visited or even assisted by the Nzuko Aro worldwide leadership. 

Deacon Kingsley Okoro Kanu  distinguished himself when he took up the reconciliation of Nzuko Iyom Aro worldwide, which has been in crisis for over seven year, he resolved and reconciled them at the last Ikeji Aro, in September 2021.


Building of Ngwugwu Ano Team. 

Ngwugwu Ano is a mantra for the new leadership breeze that will be blowing through and in Arochukwu upon inception of Mazi Kingmoore’s led administration. This is an ongoing strategic movement, which comprises of a highly undiluted process for selecting the Ngwugwu Ano team that will be led by Mazi Kingmoore. The Ngwugwu Ano ideology is anchored on four major cardinal points, which is to Reclaim, Reform, Reposition and Relaunch Arochukwu to the world. Hence, the identification and selection process of the Ngwugwu Ano leadership team is a rigorous task, which Kingmoore has set the standard. Capacity and Capability are two major phenomenon that cultivates the ideology that Kingmoore has set forward. 

Interests and Reason for Governance.

Just like every aspiring leader, Mazi Kingmoore is self-convinced and motivated to pursue his ambition of defining and instituting a new Aro. He has followed through the happenings in the kingdom, this has given him great knowledge, and understanding of what is required.  Kingmoore’s vision is clear and it has been empirically proven as practicable.  The summarized version of the vision can be seen as itemized below;


1. Take Aro Kingdom back to its old glory and beyond. 

2. Reposition Nzuko Arochukwu to be focused, united and ready to explore all opportunities available in Abia, Nigeria and beyond. 

3. Improve on the welfare of Aro traditional institution and support them towards good governance. 

4. Create a network of Aro Businessmen, Intellectuals and Professionals as a pressure group with the ideal goal of repositioning Aro for greater glory. 


5. Work with relevant authorities to secure Aro kingdom by eliminating internal and external security threats.

 6. Redirect our youths to be focused and motivating them through skill acquisition.

In addition to the above vision, Kingmoore had also identified other practicable guides to success that had formed part of his administrative thrust as bulleted below;


The focus of my incoming administration is to present strategies that would make Arochukwu Kingdom recover the lost years of neglect in Alaigbo and Nigeria.

My team is also going to build a model for proper and classical governance and leadership operations that will plummet a rising edge for our great Kingdom.

Resource generations around financial, Human, Asset and Talent management will play pivotal role in ensuring that Arochukwu is restored to its rightful place.

Inclusivity and Welfarism will form part of my administration’s neo-classic model.  


Achievements so far.

Focusing on what has affected Arochukwu in the past and present will enable Umu Aro to appreciate Mazi Kingsley Okoro Kanu for the position that he sort. Kingmoore is already a successful executive in Oil and Gas, Energy and Power, Shipping and Diplomacy. However, in the meantime, he has given great attention to what concerns Aro and has been able to do some stiches in Arochukwu harmonious existence and outlook.

I want to authoritatively and reliably inform you that Kingmoore has done the following even when he is not yet elected into the position;

1. Settlement and resolution  of over 6 years lingering dispute among the Nzuko Aro Women’s Wing and returning Ada Ukwu Charity Achinivu and her faction into the Nzuko  Inyom Aro meeting fold.


2. Visiting and ensuring that the Ebonyi State Governor commences the process of rehabilitating our Effiom branch members and settlement that was affected by the communal clash. This is being done in conjunction with the Christ Embassy. 

3. Ensuring and influencing the inclusion of Eze Aro Palace as one of the 12 major traditional institution in the Federal Government Archives that was printed on the Federal Republic of Nigeria official 2022 calendar for the month of August. 

Humanitarian Service


Mazi Kingmoore is the Chairman, Board of Trustee of Arochukwu Foodbank and Empowerment Initiative. A body that piloted the provision and distribution of palliative materials to provide succour to 550 persons in the 19 village during the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020.

He was fully involved with the Passinate Elderly Care Initiative (PECI) Arochukwu during the COVID-19 era as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Composed by Ngwugwu Ano Strategic Team


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