Vision And Mission Statement Of Sir Anamauwa


Our Government would attract 10,000 Companies and Create 1 Million Jobs in Abia State.

The Abia Industrial Development Campaign goals is to form the Abia Industrial Development Government come 2023, if elected by the good people of Abia State. Our overall strategy is to carry out front end engineering design of the Abia Industrial Development Master Plan (AIDMP) that shall form the basis for consultations and campaigns for the 2023 elections. If elected, the AIDMP Master plan shall form the program of the Abia Industrial Development Government come 2023.

The Abia Industrial Revolution primary objective is to diversify the economy of Abia State. To this end, we plan to create the Ministry of Trade Investments and Industrial Development that willl be responsible for:


– Umuahia Industrial City FTZ,

– Aro/Ohafia Industrial City FTZ,

– Ukwa East/ Ukwa West Industrial City FTZ,

– Umu-Nneochi Industrial City FTZ, 


– Ngwa Industrial City FTZ.

– Abia Agriculture Development Corporation,

– Aba International Industrial Market 

 – Abia International Passenger/Cargo Airport


– Aba New City

– Abia State Investments Development Agency (AIDA).

– Abia State EXIM Finance Agency.

– Abia Construction Corporation (ACP),


– Abia Petroleum Corporation (APC)

– Abia Fishing Corporation (AFC).

In addition would be a viable Culture and Tourism Ministry to rejigged the Cultural potentials in Abia State for Eco – Tourism.

The overall strategy is for the Government of Abia State come 2023, through the Ministry of Trade, Investments and Industrial Development to be created to master plan and develop these industrial Cities/parks and Free Trade Zones in the identified strategic geography and geology with an objective to attract the needed private investors to set up their companies, plants and businesses. The Ministry shall carry out the branding and marketing the industrial investments potentials of Abia State (ABIA STATE BRAND) to the Global Investments Community as most countries and investors do not even know the industrial, manufacturing, agriculture investments potentials and opportunities in Abia State. With this strategy, we have been able to forecast that we could attract about 10,000 companies to Abia State in 10 years.


To share some insight of the analysis, our studies have shown that scores of insecurity and Poor Transportation system is why so many companies don’t come to Abia State. Not only that is just the reasons, another fact is that there is no Safe Haven Free Trade Zone in Abia State created by Government to provide both security cover and financial incentives for the international companies operating in Abia State at the peak of crisis and insecurities in Aba, Umuahia and other parts of Abia State.

Imagine with 10,000 companies operating in Abia State within the areas of Oil and Gas, Energy & Power, Manufacturing, Maritime, Telecommunications, Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, Hospitality etc, then the young men, women and unemployed in Abia State shall have jobs and this shall improve the security situation of our beloved God’s own State. With the assumption of average staff strength of 500 persons for each of the company, we would have created more than a million direct and sustainable jobs in Abia State. With a direct and indirect job ration of 1:5, we would have created an indirect jobs of 5 million and lifted more than 6 million people from poverty in Abia State.


With the above strategy, there shall be business opportunities for all Abians to make wealth, there shall be potentials for sustainable health care, there shall be patronage of the schools of learning by the industries and thereby improving on the standard and quality of our education.This is the idea driving the 2023 Agenda for Abia Industrial Revolution. This is the idea in which we plan to 

M – Make

A –  Abia State 


N – Normal

A – Again 

To make Abia State Great for the benefits of all tribes and people. It is together that we can achieve the vision of Abia Industrial Revolution.

Join 2023 Agenda for Abia Industrial Development…


Join Think Tank Movement for Sir Anamauwa Washington Agbaeze Anama “Panams”, Omenuko Abia, for Governor, Abia State 2023.



We would pursue a coherent  education policy that envisions an excellent education system to empower Abians for meaningful contribution to nation building .


Our education policy would be an all round development drive that will  result in improved and prompt teachers pay and welfare packages, training and retaining of qualified teachers, free education for all and free WAEC AND JAMB enrollment for over 100, 000 students annually .

 Also our education intervention scheme would see to it that students of Abia state  origin in tertiary institutions  receive  N100,000  bursary allowances as a way to support their education pursuit .

Panams means business….. we are in it for real….

Support Sir Anamauwa Washington Agbaeze Anama “Panams” 




The covid-19 global pandemic has served as an eye opener to the level of decay of our health sector, therefore we intend to pursue an aggressive health plan that would provide for high quality, accessible and affordable health care services, making Abia state the number one medical tourist destination in Nigeria with capabilities matching “The London Clinic hospital in the UK”.

Through massive investment in the health sector, our goal is to build 17 fully equipped Ultra-Modern Medical facilities across the state to provide equal opportunity for the right to a healthy, happy, and financially secure future, free from the threat of high cost of health care and seeking medical emergency abroad. 


We would also ensure adequate welfare packages and improved remuneration for State government health workers and work closely with the State Assembly to review the extant laws on health insurance for health care workers, geared towards improved health care delivery service for all Abians. 

Panams means business….. We are in it for real….

 Support Sir Anamauwa Washington Agbaeze Anama for Governor, Abia State 2023.


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