Arochukwu, Ututu, Isu And Abam Youths Set to Block Arochukwu Major Entrace Over Bad Road


Arochukwu, Ututu, Isu And Abam Youths have set to block all the major entrances leading to the Arochukwu L.G.A of Abia State. This decision followed the sorry state of roads leading to this L.G.A as numerous issues have continued being reported on the road.

The plan to block the major entrances was disclosed by ututu fast rising artiste, Dakomi Go Go, which read,

Press release by.Arochukwu,Ututu Isu.and.ihechiowa.youths(AUII).we the youths of “AUII”are in Unism,we have decided to come together to achieve a  singular goal.and their will be no going back. we are formidable and can not be bought.we want to inform every habitants of the above villages mentioned especially the youths to adhere to this call for redemption and join our campaign, its stated below, our elders are comfortable with the current state of the horrible deplict of our roads, because they are use it.we the youths are use to modern facilities and we can not continue to toll on that road in such horrible condition.We are making it clear to the public.the road users, Government officials and any visitor s that on 1st of October there will be blockage of roads that links to Arochukwu other words, their will no b vehicular movement across Arochukwu L G A..this decisions may affect us as a people but we must accept it to the fullest that is the sacrifice we all ought to pay. we are going to extend this official statement to the rightful authorities so as to ensure our right as a people is being respected with out any atom of intimidations for those that want to test our resolve by disobeying the plight of the people therefore trying to make use of the roads on the slated date.u will have us to contend with. thank u and God save us!!


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