Ụlọ Nta Maazi Okoroji

Ulo Nta Okoroji or Ogbuti Okoroji, is a historic house and museum situated in Ujari, (Koko Obasi).

 The house was declared a national monument by Nigerian Government in the year 1972 by the National Commission for Museums and Monuments.

Ụlọ Nta Maazi Okoroji was built during the 17th century by Maazi Okoroji Oti, who is one of the most respected maazi’s then and slave merchant, who was active during the trans-atlantic slave trade.

Ụlọ Nta Maazi Okoroji is made of mud while its roof is made of aluminium zinc. The interior showcases various sacred shrine objects, historical artifacts, slave chains, brass manillas, swords and guns, including a great door that 50 strong men can’t lift,  the door is said to be won from war between Maazi Okoroji and the people of orumba north in Anambra State.

Maazi Okoroji statue in ujari

Maazi Okoroji Oti was one of the most  respected maazi’s in Ujari (Koko Obasi)

He was known for being a slave merchant and the founder of the ụlọ nat Okoroji House, a historic house in Igboland.

Oral history bears it that four hundred people were sacrificed to Ibini Ukpabi after the death of Maazi Okoroji.

The ụlọ Nta served as a customary court during the olden days, History also has it that, Maazi Okoroji is a business man, a money lender. He has a bunch of sticks he uses to know how long the money you borrowed from him will last.

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