Mazi. Ike Okoronkwo

Maazi Victor Ikechukwu Okoronkwo

Mazi. Victor Ikechukwu Okoronkwo is an indigineous son of Atani Village, he is a Nigerian businessperson and Lover Of Mankind. He is the incumbent Group Managing Director of Aiteo Eastern Exploration & Production Company Limited.

He has held the post of  first Vice President of Nigerian Gas Association.

Mazi. Ike Okoronkwo attended the University of Lagos, Lagos State where he obtained Bachelor of Science in Surveying. After his education at the University of Lagos he left Nigeria to United States where he obtained a Master of Business Administration in Executive management from Frederick Taylor University.

Mazi. Okoronkwo started his career after he returned home from the U.S working for Shell Nigeria Gas in 2007 as a Business Development Manager.


In 2008, he started a new role as the Gas Commercial manager at Shell and served which his tenure ended in 2009. In 2010, he was appointed General Manager of Upstream gas and willingly resigned in 2015.

Afterward he was assigned the post of Senior Vice  President of Gas and Commercial at Aiteo. In April 2019, he is the current MD/CEO of Aiteo.
Mazi. Okoronkwo has helped so many talented youths in our great kingdom and still helping more, he has hosted a football tournament for the 19 villages that make up Arochukwu.

He is Loves the Youth, his house is located at Ugwuavo New site.

Ike Okoronkwo House


He is a mythical son of Arochukwu.
See his Photos below.

Ike Okoronkwo

Mazi Ike Okoronkwo

Maazi Victor Okoronkwo


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