Ugbo/Ikpanja Crisis: Is Nzuko Aro Losing It’s Supposed Grip And Trust For Aro People – Mazi Ogbonnaya Chijioke Inyama

We need not be told that injury for one is injury for all. Arochukwu Kingdom is not complete without any of her component villages “olu adiaa na ohu isi ogu Aro” Ugbo village is therefore an integral  part of Arochukwu Kingdom; as  such any conflict that affects her affect the entire Kingdom. ” Okwadi  asii anya bewa, imii ariwa”?
I remember with nostalgia the aged long ARO diplomatic overtures aimed at defence and protection of our territorial integrity. We reigned with great awe! OUR neighbours feared and respected us
Arochukwu “nde murum” guarded jealously her entire heritage from any external aggression or incursion. Treaties up treaties, diplomatic manuovers  with our good neighbours who were our foot soldiers and guards;( Ibibios, Effiks, Abam, Ututu  and Ihiechiowa communities).
Today that beautiful era of communal  charter and defence of the Arochukwu kingdom has since given way  to mere individual survival of the fittest, Courtesy of  reckless, inefficient, clueless LEADERSHIP of Nzuko Arochukwu worldwide
What role did Nzuko Arochukwu ww. played in order to resolve the Ugbo/Ikpanja communal CRISIS??
Where did Ugbo as community erred that they were literally left in the cool to defend themselves or perish?
How did we as a people got here?
Is Nzuko Arochukwu losing its suppose grip and trust of her people?
These and many other questions are begging for answers
Nevertheless, I want to use this medium to commend our royal fathers, Arochukwu regent and other spirited Umu Arochukwu for their strong commitments towards the resolution of the communal fued.
As  Umu Arochukwu quest for  quality LEADERSHIP, we must be weary the same men who hitherto have failed  are  not allowed to recycle themselves in the offices… Never again.!
We need FRESH AIR, A NEW FACE OF THE KINGDOM to bring their wealth of experiences, as Well as renewed vigor to bear on Nzuko Arochukwu LEADERSHIP

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