If you are in  Nigeria, have you not seen how Fulanis came to our land to dare us and our sold out governor’s were speaking dialogue and they kept raping our women and destroying our farms until Nnamdi Kanu came up.

Sequel to this, you don’t need to live in Arochukwu to contribute to preserve and protect our ancestral land.


Someone came into your house and cut off your brothers head and private part and you are still talking of Peace, please which useless Peace?.

That alone is a declaration of war and a desecration of  our Holy Land, Killing the person is even a pardonable offense but not going that far of desecrating our Land.

Arochukwu should know is not only Ugbo that the matters affects that is what we are saying, Arochukwu as a town that shares boundary with many non igbo speaking community should have a standing vigilantee to protect her citizens and borders, what happened in Ugbo without immediate retaliation is a sign of weakness not wisdom.


It will embolden them in future, let’s not forget what happened in Isu, our neighboring community that was invaded by their cross river neighbors to take over their villages and environs because of mineral resources found there, meanwhile from research the powers that aided the organised attack with the cross riverines invading with sophisticated weapons and taking the Isu community unawares and some properties were burnt and old and aged parents were displaced, even though from research people like Sobaz intervened to quell the crisis. The displaced persons have not been able to return to their burnt houses since after three years, their farms among others probably because of finance and lack of security to guarantee their safety incase of subsequent attacks many of which are taking refugee in Arochukwu till today that I know.

It is startling that with all this happenings Abia state government has done nothing in the usual manner not regarding the Arochukwu and it’s environs as part of Abia state, with such nonchalant attitude it supports the rumour that was peddled in 2015 that Ikpeazu real Father is from Akwa Ibom and that leaves our fate to the people of that area to defend their ancestral Land.


You don’t need to be reminded how federal government is trying to punish the Igbos to take Nkanu plantation from Amuvi and give it to our ibibio  brothers that is suppose to be after the Nkanu River.

And some people say they know how Arochukwu came about, how did Arochukwu come about Let us put history very straightnArochukwu is an heterogenous society made up of the Igbo, ibibios, the Akpa(northern cross river) and more Igbo group that was integrated by the Aros from across Igboland.

In case you don’t know, Eze Agwu clan settled at Ndi Akanu,Amanagwu and lived side by side with the ibibios, the war with the ibibios was fought by two factions, the part that fought in Eze Agwu’s side who happens to be his inlaw, the supposed crowned prince and the other faction.

The other faction that lost the war, the remnant of them later migrated to present Calabar area that metamophosed to become majorly the efik people.

Most of our neighbors today some of their ancestry are even fathered by Igbos, we should not tell history to our disadvantage.


Most of the villages in present Arochukwu today were founded by Arochukwu people.

In that light we should protect our land and borders, it is an ancestral obligation just like the Jews owe the same ancestral obligation to their Anciet land of Israel

Apart from Atani others villages are just sleeping that is the truth, From Amuvi among other villages it is clear that there is little or  no leadership in most of those places, many of the Indigens of the villages are not carried along.

Nnewi is industrializing their town, we are coming to Aro mainly to dance Ekpo and do carnivals and give awards and the big papas will carry our young girls to continue our age long uzi tradition alive among  others, am not saying those that are doing their ekpo and carnival should not do what pleases them, but sensitive issues for human capital development and issues like this are left unattended and should be given priority, our young men and women should be made to accept responsibility going forward to contributing to their home town.

We use our strength to fight our brothers instead of the other way round. Where is the Love that our great ancestors showed among themselves, “onye Aro icho, mkpola icho”

Where is the Love that made us built our houses block to block “nime Ezi”

You are big man, how many people have you mentored to become like you in your compound and to our young ones too, respect and honour those that deserves to be respected and honoured, for the fact that someone is your brother don’t mean you are the same level.

Am not from Atani but we must commend them at least compared to other villages.

An average Aro don’t even know how Atani came into existence.

It was unwarranted attacks like this that made Arochukwu at foundation stage gathered the strongest men from the three clans, ibom isii, oke Nnachi and Eze Agwu clan and positioned them in their present location where those attacks where coming from to Wade away such attacks that’s how Atani came about.

If the founding Fathers have such sense ,why would we be sleeping.

We need to start militarizing every young person in Aro, home and abroad and have a standing vigilantee that will be paid and every Living Aro son will contribute their quota to .

You can only live in peace with those that want to live in peace.

You don’t negotiate from area of weakness.

Yesterday it was Isu, today it is Ugbo, Amuvi is already having issues that nobody is talking about.

A reasonable community will not always attack her neighbors.

Aro is the most peaceful people , they will avoid fight at all cost but what I see here is a time bomb that is tickling that should be nip in the board once and for all. Everybody should know their boundaries.

The annoying thing is that most of this communities encroaching still have more than enough forest in their places,so why the aggression.

Let’s learn from Ohafia that has the same crisis with them many years back .

Is in their nature to keep dragging what does not belong to them.

I have come in peace but will not shy away from standing in defense line to protect and preserve our ancestral heritage.


Ako Bu Ije

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