UGBO CRISIS: Aro Suffer Because Of Wrong Leaders in Aro – Kanu


The ongoing conflict between Ugbo and Ikpanja is quite disheartening.

The problem is that an average Aro person does not know even the boundaries of their village, most Aro villages share boundaries with ibibios,  Ihechiowa, Abam, ututu which has made most Aro villages lost their lands due to the present crop of careless generation and wicked Individuals among us that have sold off their people to the enemies.

Many people don’t know that the Nkanu plantation belongs to Arochukwu, Amuvi to be precise till after Nigeria civil war and when the federal government ceded it ibibios and we never put any resistance till date, Arochukwu will always leave the issues to the villages where some few wicked Individuals will sell off the entire villages to our enemies.

As we are talking, the ibibios have entered inside Amuvi dragging land where they plant rice among others sometimes last year, an average Amuvi person does not know the boundary of his village, an average Aro person does not know either, their Eze will sell them off and tomorrow the people will keep dragging till they drag their houses and one day invade the place and kill passengers coming from the nkanu area, you people are happy that they are constructing road for us abi,the earlier this things are taken care off and the ibiobios put in their proper place, more crises from even other villages will emerge.

A town like Aro that shares boundary with many communities especially non Igbo speaking areas should have a local vigilantee where every Aro son contributes to.

What happened in ugbo is a disgrace to Arochukwu as a whole, it clearly shows lack of clear leadership that has been lacking in Arochukwu for years.

Anciet Aros has never been taken unawares, Atani has been holding their wing but is high time Atani extend their hands to other villages and help  organise them .

I cannot start listing villages that have lost land that even many of the villages don’t know.

Amannagwu, Agbagwu among others.

Some few wicked fellows will always sell their people off .

Is high time Arochukwu learn from Nnewi and initiate developmental projects that will employ people in that area and attract our viable youth to stay back at home and man the affairs.

These are sensitive issues that we should tackle and how to make our own mark in our generation and not living on past glory.

Amuvi is not undergoing any incident for now, but it will come like a bomb that will definitely explode if they don’t nip it in the board now just like Atani has consolidated.

When issues like this arises, it clearly shows that is  accumulated neglected issues, they are some things we can’t say here,but is purely leadership issue.

There have been encroachment into our ancestral land and is simply because many of the community or compound people are put in the dark about what either belongs to the compound or the village, Aros as we know our ancestors accommodated alot of people that are not even related to them by blood and gave them the same rights as their blood, there is a pattern in which land is shared but some few have turned against the foundation of the land inorder for them to make gain at the expense of the compound or village.

Am an Amadi Nkuma Asa so am not saying it out of sentiments.

The Love that our ancestors lived with that made them great, some wicked people among us stripped us of it.

I don’t need  to remind you that many Arochukwu Indigens don’t have a single plot of land to their name in many compounds, some their fathers too don’t even have.

Some of the issues are very minor issues when the stakesholders are all involved.

It is not just about Ugbo but about us all and what our fathers have laboured for.

Because the ugbo issue will definitely be resolved peaceful as Aro by nature like diplomacy except the other party don’t want peace themselves.

We can be intimidated anywhere but definitely not in our ancestral Home, We will not allow that happen 

Am not from Ugbo and don’t have any relation there but I was brought up as a n Aro Man, I have never believed in all the villages distinction.

We should all join hands to preserve the estate of our ancestors.

Let all those handling leadership position organise our people and restore security and economic development to our ancestral home.

Every great town is known by first their security might and their economic strength .

Ako Bu Ije

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2 thoughts on “UGBO CRISIS: Aro Suffer Because Of Wrong Leaders in Aro – Kanu”

  1. It's quite upsetting that Arochukwu with a great historical pedigree has been reduced to the strength of a whimp by the Ibibios. That they strolled into Ugbo to behead an Ugbo son and walk away with his decapitated head is a slap in the face to all the Aros. The writer of the above article captured what obtains in Aro today as it pertains to leadership. We have had great political leaders who have failed to address the incessant boundary skirmishes with the Ibibios. The present Chief minority Whip in the Abia Assembly Dr. Mike Ukoha has done incredibly well by taking our present predicament to the house. Only when we start looking beyond the politics of 'big names big' and 'pocket change' shall we start electing people who Aro issues boil in their blood.


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