Ugandan woman arrested for beating her child mercilessly.

Good justice delivered on time!
A Ugandan mother was sentenced to 18 months in prison for brutally beating her own child.

According to AFRICAN REPORT FILES, 22-year-old Miss Dorothy Nabulime, who was seen in a disturbing video brutally striking her two-year-old baby with her shoe in an effort to get him to bathe, will spend at least 18 months in jail for the cruel and inhumane treatment of her child and another 6 months for causing bodily harm to the child. When reading out the punishment, the chief magistrate stated that Miss Nabulime will serve both terms concurrently.

Although this can be considered a triumph in the struggle for the rights of children to be protected, it would be preferable if we also addressed and discouraged the underlying reasons of such behaviour. It’s crystal clear from the widely shared gruesome clip that Miss Nabulime saw the helpless youngster to be a burden she never wanted (or to say the least, never prepared for.) This is only one of the millions of such calamities that innocent and defenceless children like this one must endure around the world, primarily as a result of some alleged parents’ inability to accept responsibility or a lack of premarital preparation. Children are only a blessing to those who value them and are prepared to take on the special responsibility of parenting them.

children with the respect and affection they merit. The choice to become a parent shouldn’t be made when one’s libido is at its lowest or as a last resort after all other options have been exhausted. They are advantages, but there is also a cost. Don’t start the journey if you aren’t ready for the latter because it won’t lead to the former. Let’s make every effort to keep our kids safe.


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