Revealed: Uzodinma using Asari Dokubo’s boys to kill, destroy Imo State – Popular OAP, Nonso Nkwa [Video]

A well-known radio host, Chinonso Ubah, widely recognized as “Nonso Nkwa,” has made serious allegations against Hope Uzodinma, the Governor of Imo State. In a video that has now gone viral, Nkwa claims that Uzodinma is connected to numerous killings in the state and accuses him of employing mercenaries associated with former Militant leader Asari Dokubo, who allegedly bear responsibility for the ongoing violence and chaos.

Nkwa, speaking in Igbo, asserts that the individuals comprising the Ebubeagu security outfit in Imo State are actually under the command of Asari Dokubo. According to Nkwa, the people of Imo are unaware that Asari and his Ebubeagu members move around the state covertly. He further alleges that Asari Dokubo recruited these Ebubeagu members who are now being utilized by Hope Uzodinma. Nkwa suggests that Uzodinma and Dokubo have entered into an agreement.

According to Nkwa, every Ebubeagu member in Imo State is considered to be associated with Asari Dokubo. Nkwa points out that if Asari harbors ill feelings toward the Igbo people, his followers will also harbor such sentiments. He highlights the disturbances taking place in Agwa, Orlu, Ohaji Egbema, and Izombe, attributing them to the actions of the Ebubeagu members who allegedly hold animosity toward the Igbo community.

Nkwa goes on to claim that the Imo State government, under the leadership of Hope Uzodinma, is employing Ebubeagu, a group comprised of Asari Dokubo’s followers who allegedly bear ill will towards the Igbo people, to protect the citizens of Imo. He suggests that the fact that the governor sought help from someone who is considered an enemy of the Igbo people for security purposes indicates the current state of affairs.

Please refer to the accompanying video for further details.

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