Reactions as we said that Ekpo Arochukwu is friendly and Jovial


Arochukwu indigenes have reacted to Aro Okeigbo Blog post on Facebook to express themselves over the assersion or saying that Ekpo is friendly.

At the time this post was made, so many people have said that Ekpo will only be friendly to you if only you give him money,  some also said that even if you give the ekpo money, if he wants to flog you, he will still do.

Also, some have said that it is abnormal for Ekpo to snap picture with people, some went further to disclose that it is because of how people now play with ekpo made them to loose interest in coming out to watch ekpo.

See peoples comment below,

Ogbonnaya Kanu Okoro

“Ekpo has lost its mystery”

Ambrose Echemazu

“Ekpo not the same as Father Christmas! A situation where women now dance with the ekpo: where now is the mystique?”

Promise Nwosu

“Women will soon become ukenes for ekpo. Mot sweet anymore, I am seriously pained.”

Amaechi Christian

“This is why i hardly come out to watch Ekpo again because of this rubbish. During our days this kind of thing dont happen at all and is about time Eze Ekpos of Arochukwu kingdom put and end to this abormination or risk the devalue of our Ekpo tradition.”

Fablous Austine

“Can you imagine rubbish? How can this abnormalities be allowed to be happening in Arochukwu kingdom? A lady going closer and taking a picture with Ekpo masquerade……loz. Wonders shall never end. This generation is turning everything upside down. A girl coming closer to take a picture with Ekpo….is alright, very soon, tvhe ladies themselves will follow go into ovia Ekpo to rub the uyiri on their body…. Nonsense”

Ebere Nnannah

“So bad”

Joshua Melody Ify

“Which friendly

Abeg no talk am again”

Grace Chinweotuto

Friendly indeed the one that applied charcoal on my face is friendly baa upon say I drop money for am . Biko Next topic

Ifeoma Osondu

“Hmm not all ooooooh biko”

Itz Dival Damise

“Not all”

Kalu Chinny

“What of those ones da used to chase gurls, pour them hot coal and dirty condemned oil”

Emeh Maryann Chioma

“Ekpo is not friendly joor, especially those black ones”

Angela Mundi

“They are not friendly oooooo unless the person knows.”

Mhiz Gentility

“which of una ekpo dey friendly these people wey carry cain finish my body especially obinkita masqurade”

Ben Chinemerem Ezekiel

“With the kind of pictures that am seeing online Ekpo is becoming too friendly especially to women”

Noble Chima

“No i didn’t,

I cant snap with evil  spirit

I never snap with pastor or family finish Na one kind deity”

Mba Samuel

“Friendly ko

Jovial ni

Ekpo that beat me on top bike at Atani”

Abianwankwo Onyinyechi

“Yes, they are because if dey don’t,dey can’t make that of money dey are making, imagine one guy told me dat he made 45k in a day,so why won’t Dem be friendly”

Ekikere Akpan

“They are only friendly when you give them money”

Endless Joy

“Ekpo is meant to be our Xmas fun, it’s high time the men snap out of all these traditional history. The world itself has upgraded, as a military personnel I try as much as I can to come home during Xmas just to enjoy the fun of masquerade. There’s nothing wrong with this, masquerade is fun and we should be allowed to enjoy the best of it”

James Ukwu Ike

“Lady’s should stop snapping with Ekpo not the culture of Arochukwu”

Ejike Ukwu

“Why shouldn’t they?That’s d joy of it.Stop scarring them pls.D difference is that they can’t mask d Ekpo.D enjoyment is because of their presence.”

Kingsley Onyema Ugorji


Kelvin Pius

“You guys they spoil our culture,ekpo snapping pix with a lady”.

Now what is your take on this?

We value your opinion and comment for a better Arochukwu ❤️

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