Ifeanyi Elvis Ogbonna Ignes Net Worth


Ignes Ogbonna Networth

Ifeanyi Elvis Ogbonna is a native of Atani in Arochukwu Community of Arochukwu local Government. Mr. Ogbonna has turned a philanthropist following his numerous giant strides in Arochukwu Local Government. Ignes started making name for himself in Arochukwu Local Government in 2020 when he first hosted a football match that the entire 19 villages of Arochukwu community participated on, aside hosting of football tournament, Ignes has placed so many school pupils and students on scholarship, bought educational aided materials to school people, shared wrappers and phones to women and youths of Arochukwu Local Government. The gigantic project that Ignes executed earlier this year is by hosting a cultural dance that the entire Arochukwu Local Government Men/Women participated in.

Talking about Ignes Networth will be of great advantage to many hence he has become talk of the town, do you know that Ignes is still a young guy like you. I can tell you that he is a man of 33 as at this year january. Many single girls are ready to know if Ignes has married or not, the truth is that Ignes is happily married. He mmarried at age 23 and started taking care of parental roles. Based on this, i will advice any girl who is after Ignes to stay far away for now as he is already tied to the woman of his dream. The truth is that Ignes Ogbonna is a business mogul before joining politics. He owns one of the biggest phone producing company abroad, aside production of phone, he deals with the appraisal, acquisition, development, marketing, or management of a property here in Nigeria and abroad. His abroad company produces both machineries and motorcycles to aid human beings in their daily activities.

Ignes Net worth Should Not be more than $9,000,000 as we are yet to ascertain all his properties.

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