Vote Fred To Save Aro/Ohafia Federal Constituency From Bad Representation


Lord, who shall dwell in the Green Chambers for us? Who shall give us quality representation? He that walks uprightly in his life. He speaks the truth from his heart & owns up to his words no matter how painful. He that does not lie in the name of politics.

The person should not be a gossiping personality who graduated with a Pull Him Down (Ph.D.) certificate. 

Our candidate shall be the one that swears to his hurt without changing Midway.


He shall not put his money into usury & pays his workers as & when due. He doesn’t cheat the innocent because of his position. The person should have a sound educational background & eloquent in speech  & use of words.

He shall have contributed to the development of Ohafia Local Government before joining politics.

He that has these traits shall be our representative.

The man is Fred Eke Idika who has carved a niche for himself through his honesty & standing by his words no matter the pains.


The Traditional Rulers discovered this and singularly celebrated him with a crown of Ekwueme Ohafia. His celebration & award wasn’t during fundraising by the ezes. It was a day set aside to appreciate the character of leadership & transparency.

He helps the needy & easily parts with his money to restore smiles on the faces of crying souls.  He doesn’t lend money but gifts it to those in need. 

He is an accessible person both at home & in the USA. He is a homeboy who didn’t fly in for the sake of power & disappear thereafter.

His phone lines are always open & he receives & responds to every call.


He doesn’t backbite like other politicians who destroy others to excel.

Fred Eke Idika works hard intelligently without plagiarism.

Reaching the sky shall be his & he is the man to dwell in the Tabernacle of the Green Chambers for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

A man with these rare attributes should not be sold for liers, deceits & arrogantly bred persons.


Delegates, a word is enough for the wise. Vote & choose wisely to save the federal constituents from bad representation in 2023.

Chineke gozia unu.


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