How Alvan Ikoku Established the first indigenous private secondary school in Nigeria ASCETA


Mazi Alvan Ikokwu was the first Nigerian citizen to establish the first primeval non public secondary school in Nigeria known as Aggrey Memorial Model College, Arochukwu, located in Amannagwu village in Arochukwu the third largest city in Abia State. The year which Mazi Alvan Ikokwu founded the college is in 1932. At Amannagwu, where he headed the college for 39 years before handing over to the next principal, Ikoku iniciated Carpentry as a subject, referred to “the Education of the Hand.”
Amazingly, the students of the college were able to make their own chairs, desks and tables all by themselves.
Mazi Alvan Ikokwu named the school Aggrey, which is believed to be his very close friend name who is like a brother to him. Mr. Aggrey is from imo state the present day part of south earstern Nigeria.

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