Hon George Onwumere Meets With Arochukwu Clan PDP Youths, Charges Them To Use Their Power To Create A Better Society.

Hon. George Onwumere has Charged the Youths of Arochukwu To Remain Steadfast And Courageous Towards Agitating For a better representation in Leadership style.

During a  meeting held by Hon George with Some PDP Youths of Arochukwu Clan, He  charged them to remain steadfast, perseverance towards their Agitation for better Political Leadership, Peaceful And Democratic Systems Of Governance in Arochukwu LGA and beyond. 

According to report made available to Arochukwu Blog, He  Promised to mobilize the youths within Arochukwu LGA and Ohafia LGA to agitate for a better representation come 2023.

He noted that, he has been able to consult and interact with the  Eze-Ekpo confraternity from the 19 villages that make up Arochukwu Kingdom, Hon George Onwumere while addressing the youths, urged them to use the opportunity of their Youthful age to create impacts to the society. He said, ” If the Youths of Arochukwu Clan can turn up massively to Support better Political Leaders the way they usually come during the Ekpo cultural display and Traditional Celebration, then Leadership shall wear a better look”.


Hon George Onwumere also urged them to get their PVCs’ ready ahead of 2023 general elections, as it’s the only way of electing a better replacement of Leaders and securing a better future.

Hon George(Armani) addressed the Youths to be of good behaviour, industrious, maintain adequate Peace, Security, while they maintain a good relationship with the Security Agencies to ensure a condusive and peaceful coexistence in the  Arochukwu Clan.

He used the medium to urge them to do away with the mindset that their votes doesn’t count.

He said, “If you participate in electoral process, bear in mind that the outcome is your decision and nobody else, and when you don’t participate don’t blame anyone of bad governance but blame yourself for not coming out to during the electoral process to elect a better candidate.


In conclusion, Hon George Onwumere shared items of Goodwill and knowledge with the Youths, and promised to continue getting in touch with them regularly, and to extend the same progressive get-together meeting to other Clans of Arochukwu LGA, for reasons of building and empowering the Arochukwu Youths for a greater developed Society.


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