Nzuko Aro Home Branch Fixes New Date For Voter Registration In Arochukwu

Nzuko Aro once again, wishes to join all well meaning Umu Aro to call on our people to take full advantage of the current Voter Registration being carried out by INEC in Arochukwu Villages and Wards.


The importance of voter registration in electoral process can not be over emphasised. Besides affording opportunity to vote, number of registered voters usually form consideration in allocation of polling stations/units/wards and even in distribution of state resources.

Voters Card is also a valid mode of identification usually required for dealing with government institutions, banks and several other transactions.

We are immensely grateful to our political and village leaders who have continued to contribute financially in mobilizing our people for the registration exercise. We can not thank them enough.


It is however sad to note that several persons who registered in the past never went back to collect their PVCs. We have been informed that the number of uncollected PVCs are high and the cards may soon be taken back to INEC Hq where they will eventually be destroyed.

This will affect our political fortune as we are already lagging behind in number of registered voters when compared with other neighboring communities in Arochukwu LGA.

Nzuko Aro has shown support and encouragement for mobilizing the villages to effectively participate in voter registration and therefore call on all the Presidents General of Arochukwu Nineteen villages and other village leaders to rise up to the occasion and ensure that all eligible persons who have not yet registered do so during this last phase of the exercise.

Our elites are also requested to add their voices by urging their dependants and loved ones at home to take advantage of the exercise.


As part of our commitment to the Aro Agenda, let us also take steps to commence the process of transferring our voting center to our wards in Arochukwu. The process of transferring voting centre has been simplified and can be done in any INEC office nearest to you.

Let us continue to take interest in the socio-economic and political events in our country even as we commit ourselves to the dream of a greater Aro Kingdom.

Last Phase of Continuous Voter Registration (CVR) Exercise: Our Collective Responsibility.

The last phase of INEC CVR is now scheduled as follows:

June 1 – 3: villages

Atani and Amuvi

RA(01/03/11/001and 006)

June 7 – 10:

Obinkita, Ugbo, Ugwuavo and Isimkpu(RA, 01/03/06/012 and 008)

June 14 -17: Amannagwu, Ibom, Ujari and Amasu(RA, 01/03/05/014,015,003.)

June 21 -24:

 Ugwuakuma, Agbagwu and Utughugwu(RA, 01/03/012, 009, 010)

June 28:

Asaga, Amangwu(RA, 01/03/011/009, 004)

June 29- 30:

 Amukwa, Oror, Amoba

Amankwu(RA, 01/03/06/013,008)

Thank you.

God bless Aro Okeigbo. 

 Dr NCE Njaka Esq

 Publicity Secretary General 

Nzuko Aro.


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