Giant Strides Of Dr. Philip Nto In Abia State College Of Education Technical Arochukwu.


Over the years, political leaders have emerged in ASCETA as provost, some did good, others did not do so good. Some looted the college money with poor Infrastructure.

Newly Built School Of Business Education Under The Administration Of Philip Nto

Abia State College Of Education Technical Arochukwu (ASCETA)  has been plagued with underdevelopment and poor infrastructure until the emergence of Dr. Philip Nto, who has changed the narratives and attracted meaningful development and empowerment programs to the college Community.

School Of Arts And Social Sciences

From all nooks and crannies of ASCETA, there are testimonies and confirmation of work in progress and already completed projects on a massive scale within the college environs.

The New Provost Office

Dr. Philip Nto, apart from his numerous empowerment programs to the staff of the college, he has attracted developmental projects on a scale never witnessed before in ASCETA. He has surpassed his predecessors achievements within a couple of years and has turned the college into a construction site.

Library Front
Front Phase of Provost Office

Business Education Complex

Never before, did the people of ASCETA witness a Provost supervising Projects by himself, building roads, installing solar system, health facilities, digital learning facilities and empowering the secretary of various units with a brand new laptop, the achievements of Dr. Nto are too numerous to mention.

Learning Classroom
School Of Technical Education

A lot of projects has been embarked upon across the length and breadth of the college as the entire staff of the college are charged with the responsibility of being security cautious.

Inner Section Of The Newly Built Library
Student Seat For Reading

So far so good, with the level of project Dr. Nto has facilitated in ASCETA, the college stands to lose nothing as all that is due to them will certainly get to them with the required assistance and cooperation from designated authorities.

Biology Lab
Reception Of New Science Lab

Some of the projects already completed and ongoing, includes:

1. Construction of the School of Arts and Social Sciences with digital projector installed in all the lecture rooms.


2. Construction of the School of Business Education with digital projector installed in each of the lecture rooms.

3. Provision of motorised road from Arochukwu tower to the school premises.

4. Ongoing Creation of Roundabout in the entrance of the school.

5. Planting of flower in the school premises.


6. Construction of the School of Science Education with ultra modern lab facilities.

7. Construction of Ultra Modern Library which is rated as one of the best top 3 in the south east Nigeria.

8. Planting of solar lights in the school premises.

9. Slashing of School Fees from #45,000.00 to #20,000.00 for all the indigens of Arochukwu L.G.A.


10. Restriction of Lecturers from extracting money illegally from the students.

11. Renovation of the School of Technical Education.

12. Reconnecting the college to Tetfund and ETDf.

13. Rehabilitation/Planting of Nursery and primary school inside the college.


14. Building of  Modernized Gym House and equipping it with all the required instruments for effective training.

15. Construction of 1000 capacity hall.

Gym House

And many other projects too numerous to mention here.

Dr. Nto has assured that all the ongoing projects will be completed in due time and will aid the college match to greatness and transformation, an impression every member of the college will be proud of by the end of the day.


It is important to advise all well meaning staff of the  college not to be dissuaded by unpatriotic few who are always ready to flaunt their selfish ingredients.

Finally, I thank all the good people of ASCETA for standing by their provost at all times.

All members of the public especially from the college are enjoined to remain steadfast and expect their fair share of the dividends of democracy like never before.



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