Dead week-old baby found dead with a Mad Man in Bayelsa (pics)

 It’s reported that a newborn baby was found dead in the possession of a mentally derailed man in the South Southern state of Bayelsa .

According to a popular radio station in the capital city of Yenagoa in the state,Rhythm 94.7 Yenagoa, the yet-to-be-identified dead baby was found in the man’s possession at Road Safety Bus stop terminal, along the Mbiama/Yenagoa Road, in the early hours of Wednesday, February 23. 

It’s widely reported in the vicinity of the incident that the mad man is usually fond of going to dump sites scavenging for foods and items and he could have possibly picked up the dead child .

Someone who sells his goods in the vicinity told reporters at the scene that it could possibly be the mother of the dead child could have dropped off the infant there because when he passed at the dump site the previous day which was Tuesday, there was no sign of a child there .

Investigations are still ongoing..

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