Abia State Governor Establishes Inquiry Panel to Retrieve Stolen Government Properties

In a significant move towards accountability and transparency, the Governor of Abia State, Dr. Alex Otti, has taken decisive action to recover government properties that were allegedly misappropriated during the previous administration. The Secretary to the State Government, Prof. Kenneth Kalu, has announced the establishment of a panel of inquiry to spearhead this crucial task.

The panel, which will be chaired by Honorable Justice Florence Ikwuoma Duruoha-Igwe of the State High Court in Umuahia, comprises esteemed individuals who possess the necessary expertise and integrity. The members include Prof. Ogwo Ekeoma Ogwo, Mazi Ugochukwu Okoroafor, Rev. Father, and Barrister Alex Okonkwo.

While the specific details of the committee’s mandate, known as the Terms of Reference, are yet to be disclosed to the public, it is evident that their primary objective is to locate and retrieve the stolen government properties. This endeavor reflects the government’s commitment to combat corruption and ensure that public resources are utilized for the betterment of Abia State and its citizens.

The Governor urges the public to support the efforts of the inquiry panel and provide any relevant information that could aid in the recovery process. This initiative signifies a step forward in restoring accountability and instilling trust in the governance system of Abia State.

Further updates regarding the progress of the panel’s work will be communicated through official government channels and reputable media sources. The Governor encourages citizens to seek information from these credible sources to avoid misinformation and to contribute to the collective goal of building a responsible and prosperous Abia State.


Office of the Secretary to the State Government

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