ABIA North: Rallying Point For Technocrats in Abia State, Ofuji And Igurube As A Case Study.

star is so important because it has helped humans navigate through Earth. When it is dark, these stars would light up the sky giving people light. In addition, stars are very important because they make life on Earth. the most important is the Sun because without that there won’t be life on Earth. Earth would just be a rock with ice.

Stars since ancient times are described as forever, hope, destiny, heaven, and freedom.
They have also for us people great importance and we believe that falling stars make our wishes.
Abia North is the pride of Abia Stars with the highest and most influential rich resource persons from the Abia divide and above Abia and we have remained the rallying point for other zones to draw their inspiration

Dr. Chima Anyaso is a Nigerian entrepreneur, politician and hotelier popularly known for his foray in the Nigerian downstream oil and gas sector. Chima is the Chairman, CEO of Caades Group. Ahuoma Anyaso Education Foundation, A recipient of the prestigious African Achievers Award. Chima was the deputy governorship candidate of the YPP in the 2023 general election. A philanthropist per excellent and most stimulating aspect of Ofuji is that he became a billionaire before his 28 years birthday

Chief Kelvin is the founder of Sublime Industries Ltd , Kelvin Jombo Foundation. Managing Director of Jombo & Mark Investment Limited; Sublime Luxury Homes Limited; Sublime Star Pharmaceutical Company; and Sublime Industries Limited, Sublime Equivest Limited, Jombo & Mark Autos Limited and KJO Aluminium Nigeria Limited.

Through his Kelvin Jombo Foundation, Onumah has sponsored several people’s tuition fees which I facilitated, KELVIN, born in 1985 is a problem-solver, humane, and responsive to anything humanity.

With Chima and Jombo coming together, expect a tsunami and it promises to be mind-blowing.

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