A Brief History of Igbo Migration

Ndi Igbo (originally called “Ndi Gbo” or “Ndigbo” which translates as “Ancient people”) are as old as humanity. The first race to exist in this physical world are Blacks. The people were called “Ancient” because of their in-depth knowledge of the physical world and its mystical natures.

The Cradle of humanity where life began is in present day South Africa. The Ancient people called that land of human birth “Nkwo Afa-ra-ka”. The Igbo word “Nkwo” represents humanity because it means “the breath of Life”. Afa-ra-ka, in the other hand, is interpreted thus: “Afa” means “Divination” which also means “Chiukwu” – the Sun or seeking knowledge from Chiukwu (the Sun). The ancient Igbo word “Ra” means “Shine” while “Ka” means “Body” or physical appearance. Migration of the Ancient people started from East of South Africa to Ethiopia (East Africa) and from Ethiopia to Kemet (now known as Ancient Egypt) located in the North-East of Africa. In Ancient Egypt, they attained the highest level of spirituality which enabled them to civilize the world. When they were brutally attacked by Europeans a lot of people died. The rest dispersed into different parts of Africa. Europeans took occupation of Ancient Egypt and adopted Ancient Egyptian cultures and traditions. They also claimed ownership of all the civilizations invented by Black Ancient Egyptians. A lager group of priests migrated to the Eastern part of Nigeria known today as Benue State from where they continued southward migration to parts of Anambra, parts of Enugu, parts of Imo and parts of Ebonyi. The largest group of priests migrated down to Cross River (East of Southern Nigeria) and settled. From Cross River the priests of Chiukwu migrated to the present day Arochukwu L. G. A. (located in the East of Abia State). The Temple of Chiukwu (Ivu Chiukwu) is located in the Eastern part of Arochukwu. The deeply spiritual priests of Chiukwu carefully trailed the path of the Sun (Eastward) in their migration route from “Nkwo (South) Afaraka” to “Eke (East) Afaraka”, “Afo (North) Afaraka” and “Orie (West) Afaraka” where they live at present. Ndigbo have lived in four parts of Africa representing Eke, Orie Afo and Nkwo.

How Return to Igbo (Ancient) Traditions can Change your life

Many people in the world including Igbo people themselves have a misconception of the original Ndigbo’s Aru Philosophical Traditions. They all think that Igbo culture is mainly the practice of herbalism as done by native doctors. This is not correct. The practice of herbal medicine is only a branch of knowledge that Ndigbo studied and practised in Ancient Egypt while their culture is based on a sophisticated system known as “Aru Philosophical Traditions”. Herbalism is a branch of knowledge classified under Earth or Afo philosophy (wisdom). There are other branches of knowledge under Earth philosophy. Other classifications of knowledge include Water (Orie)philosophy, Sun (Eke) philosophy and Air (Nkwo) philosophy. There is yet another misconception in Igbo culture which rises from the inability to acknowledge a difference between Herbalists (Ndi Dibia)and Chief Priests (Ndi Nchu-aja).


Igbo culture entails the philosophical study and admiration of the Sun, the Water, the Earth and Air. The study of the four Elements is the most sophisticated and mystical mind exercise ever discovered by man and the root of all religions and wisdom in the world. The quotation, “Man, know thyself” is an Ancient Igbo quotation which means “Man, study your compositions or the elements you’re made of”. Man is made up of the Sun (the eyes, the mind and warmness of the body), the Water (body fluid: about 70% of body content), the Earth (flesh and bones: about 30% of body content) and Air. A return to the study and practice of Igbo (Ancient) traditions can change one’s perception of life within a short period of time. It can restore a devastated health, enlighten a subjective mind and turn a wretched into a millionaire within a short period.

The long lost Ancient Egyptians’ wisdom of the Black Lords and Eye Diamonds has been rediscovered and preserved for Blank Minds in an institution called “Eye Diamonds International”. “And he said unto them, Unto you it is given to know the mystery of the kingdom of God: but unto them that are without, all these things are done in parables:”(Mark 4:11).

Comparative Analysis on God, Chineke, Chukwu and Chiukwu

The concept of God was introduced by Europeans as the Creator of all things. They also claim that God has a son called Jesus Christ and that whoever believes in the Son is a redeemed child of God while whoever does not believe in Him will be condemned in Hellfire.

The phrase “chi-na-eke” is a concept in ancient Igbo cosmology. The word ‘chi’ is one’s creative force or personal spiritual guide. The word ‘na’ is a conjunctive word that connects chi and eke while ‘eke’ refers, mostly, to the entire universe / nature. Sometimes, Eke (not pronounced as Eke day) is also referred to as Chiukwu (the Sun), though not in the idea of a creator but as an Illuminator (Anwu na eke-eke). What this means is that the word chinekedescribes the relationship between chi[the unseen] and the seen forces of nature including the Sun. In another instance, “chi na eke” is interpreted as “faith and destiny”. Furthermore, chineke is used as interjection to express shock or surprise. For instance, Chineke! Chinekeee! Chineke mee! Meanwhile, the concept and the name of Chiukwu are sacrosanct. The Igbo culture forbids the use of the name: ‘Chiukwu’ in vain talks. Not even as interjection! The difference between Chiukwu and chineke is also evident in the Igbo naming tradition. For example, we answer Chiukwuma not chinekema, Chiukwuebuka not chineke’buka, Ogechiukwu not Ogechineke, Odinakachiukwu not Odinakachineke, Chiukwukadibia not chinekekadibia.

Europeans derived the concept of God from Igbo concept of Chiukwu. Pay attention to capital letters: ‘G’ and ‘C’. They also derived the concept god from chi (also pay attention to small letters: ‘g’ and ‘c’). Watch this: chi / Chi (Ukwu) /// god / God (Almighty). They revealed the adaption in the question they asked in John 10:34 “Jesus answered them, is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods [chi]? There are many hidden secrets in the Bible that cannot be discovered by Black people except those whose minds have been illumined. “If you wish to hide anything from a Black man, hide it in pages of a book [Bible]. A Black man will not have time to read”. When Europeans introduced God as a creator their Igbo converts translated ‘God’ to mean Chiukwu Okike (Creator) or Chineke (God the Creator). The deception is that the people already knew that Chiukwu lives in the Sun above the Earth, Europeans also pointed above the Earth in their teaching that the Creator God lives in heaven; located above the Earth. Their Igbo converts believed that the name ‘God’ was a translation of Chiukwu. However, Chiukwu has no “Son” but the “Sun” Himself. Ancient Igbo people perceive Chiukwu Nna, Nne Miri and Nne Ani as the compassionate Father and Mothers of all humans and the Creators who were not created. They treat all humans as equal and care for everyone irrespective of belief, gender or race. The Sun shines on everyone, the Rain falls on everyone and the Earth grows food for all. In contrary, the Europeans’ God created Hellfire for all who does not believe in his existence.

Who is Satan, Lucifer or Devil?

According to findings of Africans (Ancient Egyptians), man is comprised of body (flesh / aru) and soul (mmuo). The two are designed to enable man achieve the ultimate goal of man’s existence can only be achieved when the body and the soul are in perfect agreement or balance. The greatest of man’s tasks on Earth is to work out a balance between his body and his soul. His failure produces two opposing effects. If the soul supersedes the body, the man will plunge into secluded lifestyle in order to avoid interacting with the highly sensual. In contrast, if the body supersedes the soul, the man will become corrupt, wicked and highly sensual.

The need of the soul is to maintain peace and order in the physical world as it is in the spiritual; while the wand of the body is to satisfy physical senses such a sense of pride, power, beauty and others. It is also the giving of pleasure to physical feelings such as sexual pleasure, greed, covetousness and others.

The “evil character” called Satan, Lucifer or Devil is imaginary, fictitious and fictional. He was invented by religious men in order to make their earlier invented “good character” seem real and believable. Since man has got, in himself, the ability of doing both good and evil, it goes to say that man is both the “good” and the “evil” characters (soul and body).

The Unknown ECLIPSE

Natural or physical eclipse is an occasion when the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun which causes partial or total blackout in the world for a while. The Earth can also pass between the Moon and the Sun to cause partial or total blackout for a time. However, apart from eclipse of the Sun and the Moon, there is yet another form of eclipse that is completely unknown to mankind.

Supernatural or metaphysical eclipse (also known as ‘eclipse of the mind’) is an occasion when the Ancestral Spirits of the Earth (also called “Guarding Angels”) pass between the Earth and the Sun causing a deletion of half human memory. The metaphysical eclipse happens in about 3 millennia interval. Metaphysical eclipse is responsible for human divination from philosophical productiveness to religious indoctrination. Following the destruction of Ancient Egypt and carting away of “Black civilizations”, the eclipse of the mind occurred which caused a total mutilation of half of the “Black civilizations” hidden in different parts of Europe. The effect of the eclipse on Africans was even greater. It was that Africans lost half of their memory which made them to forget half of the civilizations invented by their Ancestors. The original name of their continent was lost, as well as their original story of creation. Having lost the original, their memories were washed and filled up with “doctrines” created by “self-opinionated” Western religionists. The effect of the eclipse on Igbo people is that they forgot half of their cultural traditions, their meaningful name and original history of migration. They forgot the meaningful name and concept of “Arochukwu”. Individuals also experience eclipse but on three days interval when the memory is erased by half causing loss of past events, especially when such events are not written down or preserved in a retrievable device. Even when it is stored, chances are that the original mental force that inspired its creation will be lost after the eclipse which renders the stored events or ideas worthless. The knowledge of the unknown eclipse is a ridicule of human dating system. Dates and times of human experiences and phenomena are nothing but piles of illusions. The unknown eclipse wobbles the human mind and makes it dangle in disarray. It is for this reason that most people disagree over dating and believability of most events in human history.

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