NAAS President Commemorates with Family Of Eze Aro

The President National Association Of Arochukwu Students (NAAS) worldwide has commemorated with the bereaved family of the Late Eze Aro. In a release signed by his Secretary, Comrade Okorafor Amarachi which states that the death of Eze  Aro is a death to all, noting that the Entire members of National Association Of Arochukwu Students (NAAS) is in great pain sequel to Eze Aro depature.

From the letter, the worldwide President disclosed that Kings are like an eye of a Kingdom and without such people a kingdom will be visionless.

The Association president also noted that it is with the help of the Eze Aro that they now have a unique day in celebration and remembrance of all Arochukwu Students in various higher institutions which is stated to hold on every 28th of December every year. The president further disclose that the tireless efforts that the late Eze Aro made to ensure that Arochukwu remains a great Kingdom will never be a thing of the past but will always be remembered even in time to come.

Read Letter Below,


The Family of,

Late Eze Aro Kingdom

Mazi Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro,

Arochukwu LGA,

Abia state,


Condolence Letter

King is like the eye of a kingdom, and the lose of a king may put a kingdom into Anarchy.

We the National Association of Arochukwu students (NAAS) world wide are excruciating the departure of our First class king, who in his region Vogue Our Noble Association (NAAS) by giving us a day to converge in Aro every 28th day of December.

We as an Association and as an individual cannot forget your landmarks in Arochukwu and in our lives, in this intense period of agony that is before the family of late, His Royal Majesty (Mazi) Vincent Ogbonnaya Okoro CFR, and the entire Arochukwu kingdom we pray for God to give us Dunkirk spirit/ moral strength to bear this great loss and anticipate the emergence of another prodigious king.

Yours in service,

Hon. Comrade Okereke Victor

President General NAAS world wide

Comrade Okorafor Amarachi

Acting Sec. Gen. 

NAAS world wide

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