2023: Oreh To Tackle Insecurity, Road Problems In Okpo Ihechiowa

The APGA House of Representatives candidate for Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal constituency Dr.Okuji Obinna Oreh, on Saturday assured the people of Okpo Ihechiowa that he will tackle the insecurity and road problems in the community if elected to represent the constituency.
Dr.Oreh made the promise when the Nwamara Campaign team anchored on the rich soil of Okpo Ihechiowa.

Dr. Oreh assured Okpo community that he will use all necessary legislative machinery to ensure adjustment of the boundary of Okpo community with her neighbours.
He regretted the perennial impasse that has existed for long and assured them of offering a lasting solution to it. According to him, solutions to Okpo communal problems need political will and somebody who does not discriminate. He assured them that by the grace of God, they will soon be solved.He also assured the community of massive employment of the youths.

Addressing the Ezeogo in council, the Deputy Director General of Nwamara Campaign team, Chief Peter Ogbuji, reiterated that the problems of Okpo community are two -folds: road and security challenges.He said the solution is now in their PVCs and once Dr.Oreh is elected to represent Arochukwu/ Ohafia Federal Constituency,the problems will be over.

In his speech Chief Michael Ikpe Kalu (Micky), a member of the Campaign team, assured Okpo community that if Dr Oreh is elected, they can go to sleep with their two eyes closed.He emphasized that the problem of access road will be solved too He reminded them to look for the symbol of APGA and vote massively.
He said as we seamlessly go to the polls on 25th February 2023, they should vote APGA all through, to end the hardship in Arochukwu and Ohafia federal constituency.
The Ezeogo of Okpo Ihechiowa, HRH.Ezeogo Njoku Okali, blessed Dr.Oreh and assured him of massive votes.

The striking point during the campaign was the melodious chant by children at Amafia Ihechiowa that ‘ anyi choro Oreh’ that ‘they want Oreh’. Dr. Oreh religiously said ” Let the children come to me ,do not hinder them for such belongs the kingdom of God. Obviously the Arochukwu / Ohafia Federal Constituency belongs to them; even the children have seen the victory ahead.

The campaign train also anchored at Amafia, Umuchiakuma and finally at Ama Mini,where the Deputy Director General hails from He reminded APGA supporters that Dr. Oreh has been helping the community even as a private citizen and maintained that Dr. Oreh will surpass his current philanthropic record if elected to represent Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

Nwamara Campaign Team

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