Why You Must Shun Sentiments And Elect A Visionary Over Missionary As A Delegate

 Dear Arochukwu LGA delegates, It’s that time of the year that the citizens of our dear LGA look up to you. It’s that time that the fate of our tomorrow is determined by the choice you make with your ballot. It’s the time of the year that any self-centered decision you take in the interest of your pocket will hunt us for another four years.

Hon. Chinedu Ijoma

Please be in the knowledge that your ballot is cast in the secret and that it’s a ballot that ought to be cast for the progress of our LGA.

*We have tried Godfatherism and it has not worked for us.

*We have tried clan sentiments that have not worked for us

*we have tried imported politicians that have not worked for us

*we have tried divide and rule that is hunting us today.

I know most of us to complain about the bad government and bad representations but once we have the opportunity to change the things we consider anti-development, we become worst than what we complain of.

If we must get it right, we must cast our ballot for the right person, a person we know that has the capacity and a good knowledge of the problems bedeviling us. 

We must reject the spirit of sending those we do not know their capacity rather let’s send someone who we have tried in little things and delivered exceedingly.

Let’s consider a Youth firstly because it’s the way forward and we must insist on competence over clan sentiments.

Rt Hon Ijoma Chinedu Ogbonnaya as a councilor used his savings to purchase a motorcycle and donated it to the Arochukwu vigilante group.

Rt Hon Ijoma shared school materials in his back-to-school program with indigent pupils.

Rt Hon has lifted Youths off the street and placed them in a comfortable place where they generate wealth without kickbacks as it is in godfatherism.

He has purchased five number Keke tricycles to empower youths of Arochukwu LGA.

If he can achieve this as a mere councilor when others say there’s no money in the council, what will be our fate when we give him a bigger task.

*He is very intelligent 

*highly accessible 

*he is decisive 

*he is articulate 

Most importantly a team player.

A ballot cast for him is a progressive intended and a ballot cast for him is a victory for PDP because he remains the only aspirant that can win an election because he is loved beyond the party line

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