Why Ekwueme Ohafia Is Our Best Choice

 Why Ekwueme Ohafia Is Our Best Choice.

Hon Fred Idika Picture

Mistakes and regrets of voting in the wrong leader can be corrected by getting it right at this stage of choosing a party flag bearer by delegates and party stakeholders. There are cases where political party novices have been allowed to represent the party both by election and appointment and they end up failing both the party, its leaders, and the people. The worst is a situation where such persons abandon agreements reached and start to neglect party men and women because they believe they have either arrived or have achieved their aim. But nearing electioneering periods and with interest to go again they will come back to see those they have abandoned for a long time. Such mistakes are avoidable at this stage where we are expected to vote in an experienced party man who knows the value deserving of party men, women, stakeholders, and delegates. Hon. Prince Fred Eke Idika, House of representative aspirant for the Aro/Ohafia Federal constituency is a tested party man who has regard and respect for the party and its future. He believes in stakeholders’ meetings where decisions are made through interactions. This is very important and should not be neglected. Hon. Prince Fred Eke Idika will carry everybody along and get everybody involved in the scheme of things. It is our best shot to choose him as our best choice. Our welfare after supporting him will matter later. Pay now and play later by choosing to support EKWUEME Ohafia as PDP party flag bearer for Aro/Ohafia Federal constituency seat. By choosing him you have respected equity, zoning, and have chosen competence, performance, experience, knowledge of party and its rules. Hon. Prince Fred is realible ally to all and sundry. At this level nothing should by any means deceive or influence us into making an avoidable mistake that will take us 4years to correct. Our destiny, that of our constituency and her development is in our hands. Vote EKWUEME for Nmezi yara odinma Aro/Ohafia Federal constituency.

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