SHOCKING: Nzuko Aro Election Committee Gives New Election Guidelines

Additional information on the updated Electoral Guidelines of the 16th April 2022 Nzuko Aro forthcoming election. 


Following the Nzuko Arochukwu Guidelines released on 22/2/22 by the National Patrons’ Electoral Team and the several subsequent appeals and comments by various stakeholders, the National Patrons Electoral Team hereby provides further information as follows: 


1). Every qualified contestant in the forthcoming elections to any of the various offices of Nzuko Arochukwu worldwide is hereby granted automatic delegate status to vote and be voted for during the elections, provided he is up to date in his financial obligations to the Union,  and his “Expression of Interest to Contest Notice” gets to the Secretary of the Electoral Panel on or before 13th April 2022.(Additional 3 days grace period)

2). All the currently serving National officers of the union are equally granted automatic delegates status to participate fully and actively in the up coming elections in the spirit of Nzuko Aro 1992 Constitution.  


3). Every qualified delegate shall be duly accredited and tagged accordingly. 

4.) Umoba branch that was erroneously omitted in our  publication of 22/2/22  as a Category C branch shall provide 3 delegates. 

5). The National  Patrons once again assured everybody that the election shall be held peacefully as already scheduled and it will be free and fair. 

6). The Patrons therefore urge every participant to respect the guidelines and cooperate with the National Patrons fully in order to ensure rancor free elections. 

7). God bless NZUKO Arochukwu worldwide. God bless Arochukwu kingdom. 

Thank you very much.

Mazi Emma Kanu Ivi – Chairman 

Mazi Dave Imoko – Secretary 

Mazi (Dr). O J Nnanna – Member


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