What Will Ned Ijoma Offer Differently?

We have over the years in Arochukwu state constituency produced leaders that are stomach infrastructure driven. Those who view politics as a source to make ends meet rather than a call to serve.

People whose sole aim in politics is to en mass wealth as they view public funds as a national cake that partakers in public offices share amongst them. 

We are tired of self-serving politicians that do not have manifestos rather than how to share the National cake, impoverish the constituents the more by not helping to bring to the notice of the appropriate authorities the lights of our people, and they succeed by dividing and inciting us against each other.

Ned as a deputy leader used his personal money to purchase a motorcycle to support the Arochukwu vigilantes because he believes in the safety of his people and because he understands as traders which is the basic occupation of his people, they need security to sustain their businesses.

Ned as a councilor shared educational materials in his back-to-school program to encourage pupils who are discouraged by dilapidated environments to keep faith alive.

Ned is ready to serve and his readiness is based on his knowledge of our basic needs and not because he wants to get richer but because he wants to lead differently and restore confidence in the electorates who have lost hope as those before, sent to represent us are nothing to write home.

If we must get it right this time then we must cast our ballots for the right person and not those who will give us more money as those who have in the past offered us money in exchange for our votes never served our interest rather recuperate and en mass wealth for future elections.

Let’s go with a youth who will serve us and bring about dividends of democracy.

Let’s think Ijoma Chinedu Ogbonna, let’s think of a better future for our generation.

I tick Ned 2023 ✅

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