VIDEO: Why the British Colonist Couldn’t Destroy Ibini Ukpabi And Why It’s Called Long Juju

The Ibini Ukpabi was an ancient gods of the Arochukwu people of Abia State. It was referred among the British as the ‘Long Ju-ju’. Ibini Ukpabi was used to settle cases, particularly those convicted of murder, poisoning, witchcraft,  and family disputes.

The oracle was widely known and consulted even to the Niger Delta regions. sequel to this, the British Colonists were eager and willing to destroy it as it’s giving them great concern and fear towards achieving their personal interest. This led them on a mission planning to locate the oracle and make run of it.

Apparently they couldn’t achieve this because of the way the Aro people were carrying the oracle about, it wasn’t kept in one place but continually, the Aro keeps changing the location of the Oracle from one place to other. The whites searched for the Oracle but could not find it, so they said “The Juju too long”. The name was not Ibin Ukpabi, it is Ivin Ukpabi. 

White people thought it was in a place where they did not know,  not knowing it  was being moved from place to place. They thought it was located at the barracks side, where a gate was seen broadly written Arochukwu Long Ju Ju, but the reason for this is for the Aros to confuse the British Colonists.

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